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The game feels very much like Dragon Raja 2.0, be that for better or worse. If you were a fan of their last game, you'll probably like this one too. If you disliked it, it has a lot of the same gameplay elements, so you probably won't find much to like here.
Simalar to its predecessor, Noah's Heart is very story-heavy. Instead of being a pure MMO this time around it's sort of an action hybrid, though. You're still dodging telegraphed attacks, but they've also added an interesting battle element where you can grapple onto larger enemies and attack vulnerable points in mid-air, which is pretty satisfying.
As a Dragon Raja fan, I'm happy to see some things return, like the photography system. The actual camera interface has far fewer options, though. In Dragon Raja we could add in NPCs, change poses, etc... and maybe more features unlock as I play, or are planned to be added. But as is, while it's nice to see implemented, it feels like a downgrade so far.
Many of the game's NPCs, lots of whom are based on historical characters, can be recruited through a gacha system. Each has their own unique abilities. In addition to just fighting alongside you, there's also a "possession" system where the player character can utilize the special abilities of any unit not in the party.
There's also a lot bigger focus on exploration than in Dragon Raja, which could pretty much be completed using auto-pathing. There's ingredients, grapple points, and hidden chests scattered all over the map, which makes exploring it actually feel rewarding.
I actually enjoy the Matrixium challenges, it's much better than the rune puzzles in Dragon Raja—they give you a reasonable time to solve them in, and they seem more logical.
One criticism I have is the way content is level-locked. If I'm powerful enough to defeat the enemy, let me try. If not, let me fail. I shouldn't have to be a certain level to even attempt a battle.

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