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when are you guys releasing this looks better than dragon raja it has underwater game play plus you can actually fly i don't know what's better than this... this game can make me quit dragon raja👀 i've always wanted a good quality mobile mmo that has underwater game play
please release it to global with english language support
i've played the game. the dungeons seem fun and there's no auto combat feature which is nice. of course it has a p2w aspect but if you save up your currency you can actually buy some costumes which is great because in dragon raja (a similar futuristic theme mmo) you had to spend actual money to get a costume. so if you like cosmetics, it's not impossible to get some cute costumes. the game has a store for costumes, hair styles, mounts etc which seems cool.
the graphics are great, sometimes it glitches but i personally don't mind it. you can fly, skateboard if it's snowing and throw snow balls at people, and dive in water or surf. you get free wings and a costume at the beginning of the game which is a nice offer.
character customization is also pretty good but not as good as dragon raja. you can't customize the body type. just face. so it could be improved.
the open world is really huge and pretty. definitely better than dragon raja because it feels bigger and you can explore more by simply flying in the sky.
there are lots of quests early game (i don't know about late game) and since the game's in chinese i didn't really understand what to do but i like doing quests. there are also some mini games. and you can have a career i think.
you don't have a house (or i didn't notice) like in dragon raja but maybe you get one later when you complete a quest, i'm not sure.
overall, it seems like a cool mmo and i think it's still better and more fun than dragon raja. i hope they release the game to global.

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