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Play Time: 3.6 hr

First, after noticing the genre of the game I thought it's similar to any other waifu collection, auto battle 2D rpg. But I was totally wrong .I was soo impressed on creative take of the game was.
Like most RPG games it kicks off with the story but the mode of conveying the story to players here is different. It's via a Chat system. NPC Characters will send messages in a chat group and you get to select reply options to send. The conversation are really funny. The characters type in typical 'Online Chatting Language' which is with short forms and spelling mistakes/typos which gives a feel of real online chatting experience. For real , there is a cat character in game and I absolutely love it's typos . I burst into laughter reading them. The chat will be attached a file 📁 . These files are the main story battles. Overall I totally love this lovely chat system style of conveying story . There isn't any Voice acting (VA) for characters but the game got some banger songs and bgm . I can listen to the song all day. Reading the chat + song compensates nicely for the lack for VA.
Now for the unique feature of the game, where you can import waifu's from WaifuLabs(Check in browser) basically waifu labs generates random waifu and you get to fine tune details, colors etc and create your own waifu . You can import the characters you made in waifulabs in the game and play with your own unique waifu. The ability and powers your waifu gets is random too . So luck is a important factor too. Moreover you can share your character with other players and claim rewards if other players import your characters . So, basically the game will have never ending set of characters.
And it doesn't stop here. You get to combine 2 different characters you have and create a different Appearance/Form . You can have different forms for same character . Also combining 2 different characters and waiting for the end result is a lot of fun .
The battle system, it's turn based .You get to have 3 characters per team. The battle arena is a 9 tiled arena Each of your character will have a unique set of dancing pattern/movement and you have match them. Characters have unique abilities as well. There will be various traps and obstacles pop up when battling . More importantly there is no auto battle .From my description I assume y'all can't imagine the battle system. Sorry I can't explain it clearly. Will attach some screen shot below which will give you a general idea.
- Very neat UI. Easy to navigate and not clumsy.
- F2P friendly game. They game rewards are really good . Even in long run it super rewarding.
- The song, bgm are top notch . The general color theme and design are charming.
- Unique battle system. Has no auto , depends on your skill .
- Your own waifu's can be imported in-game. Who wouldn't love there waifu in game
- Overall this unique waifu creation and combining 2 characters to create a new form / appearance opens a infinite combination of waifu. So in long run there will always be something new to do.
- Story mode via chat like system works really well. The way the characters chats are quite funny and interesting.
-It does have a stamina system to avoid endless farming but stamina refills at pretty reasonable time.
- Few abilities seems to be meta and combining with other character of same types make is broken.
- Bringing in new modes like PvP and other modes and able to interact with other players
- 3 staring levels feels impossible as 1 one the condition says 'Win without getting a hit' or bringing in different conditions for different stages will make it challenging.
-Some extra new banners apart from standard and custom banner.
-Farming is kinda hard to do manually everytime . Making levels farmable once cleared.
-A simple guide on relation between character type (Fire, water, air, earth) , seasons and signs . It took me lot of time understanding these .
Overall, I am having great time with the game.I highly recommend the game to anyone who wants a unique experience on 2D RPG Or intrested in collecting different waifu's . Also players who to experience a different RPG should try it.

Hardcore Gamer
Play Time: 10 hr

Rayark yet again did a stunning job with DEEMO II. Deemo was a stunning game already in rhythm genre so the expectation on DEEMO II was already soo high and DEEMO II did made justice to my expectation.
Game starts with a story. Story soo far feels pretty damn good. The cut scenes are brilliantly made,Little puzzle elements here and there, Walking around map finding event tickets in random spots all these extra elements which are out of it's music genre is well done.Just in few parts of story the voicing to the characters action was out of sync besides this there nothing I can complain about.
The graphics, no words to say they knocked it out of the park. They kept their iconic black and white theme along with subtle colors along the whole game(Story,UI etc) . To be precise it's pleasing and colorful yet retained the black and white theme .The UI is pretty clean and easy to navigate.Also the game feels little generous with daily rewards and events.Well yea, as always rayark has pay to play elements like premium pass which cost like around $20-$25 and besides there are albums which can bought with 600 song points which cost around $10.If your a free to play player after you have grind a lot by playing the same set of songs ,events ,free pass .
Now as of gameplay, They changed their black and white theme to a water/sea theme . I really love this theme. It looks soo simple and elegant. The judgement line looks a water line which reflects light and it really blends with the background. Plus the little wiggle it make when touching the line, the notes feel like coming from endless blind of the sea ,little drizzle of rain in sides. These little details adds a lively experience when playing.
As always there are 3 different notes namely tap, hold, slide.Calibration has to be done manually. It might take some time to calibrate perfectly but please do calibrate ot perfectly for the fullest experience.When playing it does felt little heavier and weird even tho my settings are perfect. It took me lot of time to adapt .Especially getting charming hits are soo difficult as the pace of the notes changes dynamically according to the songs pace.In few cases the notes just slows/fastens soo abruptly that we can't keep up. Takes some repetitive practice to get hang of it.
I just use 2 fingers to play and was able to clear all song until hard 8 with full combo so I can guarantee it's thumb friendly until hard 8. Hard 9 is doable with 2 fingers but will be needing a third finger help in few spots and hard 10 you will need extra fingers.
As of optimization, I did felt lag like once every 15 times of playing a song. I can feel the heaviness from the gameplay . Optimizing a rhythm game is hard as I have played soo many rhythm games and honestly DEEMO II felt lot better than most of the other rhythm genre game but there is still room for improvement .
Overall , this game was such a blast for me. Not just players who loves music genre but also players who loves great visual ,arts and story, it's a must try for them. Beginning of the game is soo fun with lot of contents to unlock and story mission to do, having achievements to complete and stuff but later part definitely will hit a wall where progression will become slow and grindy unless you are willing pay. But definitely worth the time until you finish your story and complete all the free songs.

Hardcore Gamer
Play Time: 15.2 hr

A Tower Defense genre game where we have to set traps not letting the monsters reach the finish line (Which is candies here) . Well ,at first it may sound like "Just an another tower defense" but it does has it's uniqueness to it.
The game got a story mode where you do the story levels . For the CBT, there is just 1 chapter available which got 9 parts . Once you complete each levels you unlock the challenge mode(which is hard mode of the same level) of the level. Once you have done all levels till 1-9 you will be able to unlock another mode 'smash' which is crazy hard difficulty.Also note there is no PvP mode in game.
As of the gameplay,like any other tower defense waves of enemies will be incoming and we have to set up traps. Trap mechanisms are really sicko, personally I loved the fan and how creative you can get with it. As you keep killing enemies you gain gold and by using gold you can set up traps. You can even pause in between to set up traps then resume or you can pause then move a trap to different spot or you can play at x2 speed and place traps dynamically or can just play dynamically at normal speed all depends on your strategy .You only get to take 9 traps in a deck. Each level got it's own leaderboard rankings and a overall leaderboard .The overall score is determined by combo hits and other factors,so just finishing a perfectly doesn't mean you will get the top spot. Overall the gameplay totally depends on the strategy and creativity.
The graphics is great and colorful, BGM is subtle but not soo charming either,needs better optimization.Comparing the heavier games I played at max settings and 'Candy Disaster', my mobile charge was drained soo quick and I felt the raise in temperature of my device,thought the gameplay was soo smooth.Also the game got some very minor bugs .As a whole, great game which is simple yet intriguing . I personally love strategy game and I got totally hooked up with it and finished all the 9 levels.Was a great boredom killer.If you are strategy lover and want to try a different TD this is for you.

Hardcore Gamer
Play Time: 4.1 hr

A whole new take on a MMO which gives extreme freedom in whatever you want to do. It is a Sandbox X MMO so the ultimate aim here is to survive . You start off with a small campfire then you gather items, collect material build a small wooden house then you turn into a stone house in the end you can even turn your house into a palace /castle anything depends on your creativity.
There are soo many stuff to do. You can gather materials for building purpose, gather food, you hunt down beast, tame beast, make the tamed beast into pet, evolve the pet by devouring other beast, join clans, be neighbors with your friends, take on bosses together, explore both land and sea and what not. There is no end to the stuff you can do.
Now as of the world, it's really big and got various terrains,various beast of different rarities. Not only you can explore land but the underwater as well. Weather change happens as well. Scenery spot are soo lit. There are secret dungeons .The beast looks soo awesome especially the bosses.The beast kinda reminded me of ARK survival . You can climb and swim , flying you can tame a beast. So no limit on exploration. You can teleport to your house location or central pillars and 100% everything has to be done manually. Overall I was super satisfied with the world exploration.
Housing system is one the important factor in sandbox . Here you are given side quest which acts as tutorial which will teach you on the housing system. There are soo many details to take in . The tutorial quest seems never ending for me.They have definitely given soo much detailed attention even on smaller parts, really love the attention to details but the tutorial wasn't really good enough to figure out what to do. As everything is manually done I couldn't figure out certain tutorial quest and got stuck for a while and needed help from other players. But in the end housing system is really good, lot of customization options. Build your dream house and enjoy.
As of combat mechanism, there are no classes it solely depends on the weapon you use. Weapons are of different rarities as well and there are wide variety of weapons to use. You get weapons from doing arcade /boss/beast etc drops . There is no gacha system or buying of weapons in the game . As of combat it's fully manual, not soo many special skills for weapons tho.Normal attack/one special skill which will have cooldown . Overall great combat system was clean.
I played the game for a week now and I will mention the positives and negatives down below,
•Customization of character has variety of options. You get to choose 1/32 forms. Some of the forms are human/monkey/lizard/jellyfish/octopus/fox etc. Each form has a male and female version of 3 different age groups (kid, mid age, adult) . Later you can adjust detailing on eyes and other parts
•There is no story and quest. You can play at your own pace.
•No gacha's and pay to win elements. The is a premium pass and stuff to buy with cash but as of I have noticed those materials can only boost your overall progress and saves time from farming and skins for weapons /dresses are available for purchase. So till now it's not a p2w.
•Everything is purely manual. There is no afk /auto farming/combating in game.
•The setting of game is soo detailed.Gives soo much flexibilty on customizing the overall game. Even it has filters to be applied on the world.How cool is that.
•Massive exploration world in both land and sea
•Can take picture of your character in any spot you want and has variety of options like adding stickers to your picture, applying filter, emotes, dance, actions, mood etc.
•Need lot of storage about 10 gb
•Need high specification device to run the game. Not potato friendly.
•Tutorials are super long and hard to grasp and understand them. Sometimes get lost on how to finish the tutorial
•Some bugs exist in game. They will be fixed in long run hopefully.
•The UI seems soo small in fonts as well as size of options.Misclicks happens a lot and hard to read words sometimes. Same time feels little messier.
•Moving around with character feel little harder and not soo smooth.The auto run lock is soo small and I miss most of the times. Especially when climbing when I drag it to auto run and miss it. Boom I am dead.
NOTE:If you have to play together with friends you must select same server. Also if you started in one server and later switched to different server your progress starts from lvl 1 in that the new server. So if your planning to play along with friends make sure to select same server .
Well overall I definitely recommend to try it. Will give a new experience on MMO for sure. Even players who don't like sandbox genre will love it for sure . I will attach some screenshots from the game below,

Hardcore Gamer
Play Time: 50 min

First of all this game brought me back nostalgic memories of one of the game I used to play on browser in my childhood.
It's a puzzle adventure game with a story. The story narration and background song are really cute and soothing.Its a adventure of George finding his lost lover samantha. You unlock a part of the story as you progress level by level.
The actual gameplay is very simple . It's a 2D side scrolling . You have left and right move controls. A jump button and a special 3 button which makes you split into 2 or 3 George clones or attach back into single George or switch between different clones of George. You face lot of puzzle and Hinderance in between and among them there will be alphabet letter floating around which you must collect in order to unlock the story.Only concern was the control where little sloppy for me coz of how small the buttons are. Wish I could customize the button size or change the prefixed direction control into a floating direction control.
The graphics of the game is soo cute. I really love the clothy texture of the game. The music and narration are beautiful.
Overall a great casual game . You get no ads, there no in game currency, no store . All you have to do is collect all the letters in a level to unlock next piece of story and move on.
NOTE:After 12 levels you will have to buy the full story. Price is around $5.
I definitely recommend you to try this game. Personally I am gonna play this through its end and wanna know the ending. Hopefully George finds his love back. Wish me luck 🍀.

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Play Time: 7.6 hr

Been a long time since I played a MMO of this caliber. The game got a lot of potential. This game gave a bit of genshin vibes and dragon raja vibes .
As you enter the game you start by customizing your avatar character. Customization option are pretty good. Tho it's not super flexible enough.
Overall customization is a 7/10 for me.
Then you select the class you gonna start with. There are 4 classes:Sword and Shield/Archer/Dual sword/Spear.You can always switch class by switching weapon in game.
Combat System:
I really loved the combat system. Each classes have set of skills + You get special skills from gacha characters. There are plenty of combos in game . You can even jump , grapple and do use various stunts and perform cool attacks and combos.There is plenty of flexibility in combat system. Also there are elements in game. The elemental skills are skills you get from the gacha characters(Will talk about gacha system down below) .Using proper element/proper dodging/precise timing litterally everything is in your hand.
Overall Combat system is a 8.5/10
It's a Story driven MMO. As the story begins there was small opening video like a MV/anime opening which I really loved. It gave a rich feel and a warm welcome to enter into game . I really didn't do the story much. The story was just about average for me. Eventually the characters you meet in story will be in gacha system . Also , doing story unlocks some essential features like housing.Also most of the stuffs are just auto navigation. Auto navigation is a convenient feature to some extend but here litterally you can do everything with auto navigations. Like, story says : search for evidences . You can just auto navigate and find those evidences which kills the fun of game.
Overall Story is a 6/10.
I loved the exploration in this game. I spent most of the time exploring rather than doing missions. The map is soo humongous and there are lot of different areas/terrains/sighting seeing spots/dungeons/hidden puzzles/Teleport spots to be unlocked/Hidden chest and soo on. You get to tame horses and can ride them to explore. You get a jet pack to fly. Also you can use grapplers and feel like spiderman. The graphics is well done and the scenery , change of terrains , change in weather , able to meet strangers when exploring, farming, mining, collecting hidden chest were lot of fun. Auto navigation won't work much when exploring. So most of the time ypu have to manually go around yourself and experience it. Plus there are trains in game . Never seen train in MMO. Really loved it.
Overall Exploration is a 8.5/10
Graphics and Audio : 9/10
Gacha System:
The game got a gacha system where the gacha characters will assist you in combat + You get to use skills of the character . The gacha character are categorized by elements + class like Light element Sword and shield character , Dark element Archer etc. The rarity is divided by : SSR, SR, R. Gacha rage for SSR is 2.5% which is generous . Summoning of gacha characters will require diamonds. I really can't tell how much diamonds you get per day if your a F2P player. As a tester I was sent generous amount of diamonds daily via mails and I didn't kept count on the amount of diamonds I got from doing mission and story . The obtained gacha characters needed to be leveled up and ascended(When you get dupes). So far I did around 80-100 pulls and got 3 SSR's, 30+ SR's. I can't rate gacha system as I lack info on farming of diamonds.
That's it for the main elements of the game. Now for the positives and negatives :
Positives :
•Big map with ton of stuff to explore and find hidden stuff
•There is a ideal farm mechanism in game which I found it convenient.
•The device requirements is really low so most of them get to enjoy this beautiful world.
•Really fun to play along with friends. It also has a guild system and guild events.
•Has a PvP arena where both players levels are balanced for a equal fight.
•It has a few other extra classes cooking/Tailoring/Smith.I really loved cooking. Litterally you can cook without recipes. Finding recipe myself by trail and error was soo fun
•Combat system is pretty good. It isn't auto'ing
•Different modes on which I can explore where fun like horse riding/grappling/Flying etc
•Too heavy for mobile. Around 10gb of is required to play the game
•The UI looks little messy. Sometimes hard to find what I am looking for.
•When in party if you click on *FOLLOW* party leader your character will start auto combating which I really don't like.Tho you can exit out of Follow mode and play manually.
•In scenery spots you can get a photo of yoh avatar posing but you can't change the default pose is sad.
•Auto navigation is soo much ruining the best parts of the game.
These are the major concerns, apart from this there are some bugs and minor concerns I have which I haven't mentioned as it's just beta testing . Hoping those problems will be fixed soon. Overall I really enjoyed the game soo much. Looking forward to its global launch. I will attach some screenshots below from the game.

Hardcore Gamer
Play Time: 2.1 hr
Hardcore Gamer
Play Time: 66 min

it's a 5v5 turn based RPG. The game starts has just 1 mode which is PvP. There is no story in game,No character voice which makes me feel less interactive with the game. The UI is decent enough and graphic is ok.
There are 12 Characters of each from different classes . You unlock them as you progess in game. It's a strategy turn-based rpg. You make a team of 5 out of 12 heros . Make sure to position them before hopping into match. The formation is one of the key factors. In combat , Each character will have 2 skills along with one support skill which is random. You can select one of the skill to be used for every character. Once you and your opponent done with selection of skills, round 1 begins and it continues until one of the players whole team is destroyed.
Positive's of the game:
•The game got no in-game purchases soo far soo totally f2p friendly.
•The game got no gacha system . The are 12 character of 12 different classes in game soo far. To name a few classes : The classic Tank/Healer/mage/assassin/supporter and other class heros are Clone/sky mage/Warlock/Nursing worker etc.
•These characters can only be obtained by progressing in ladder/ranking system in game. So basically, you get a fair play experience.
•It has a character upgrading system . The character fragment can be obtained from chest. These chest can be obtained only by doing two things: Daily Activity Reward or Progression reward. So it's fair as well.
•The gameplay totally depends on your skill.
Negative's of the game:
•Lack of content. There is just one PvP mode and all you have to do is climb in ranks.
•I personally would loved 1 or 2 character voice lines for each character .
•I would loved to have more detailed stats for each skill. It does a description for each skill but it isn't clear enough. In a strategy game the numbers are very important to derive a perfect strategy.
•The graphics ain't that great. The attacks aren't soo flashy as well.The visuals in the game will definitely need some improvements.
Remember the game is still in beta. You can expect a lot of changes in game.If you love strategy game with a fair play and f2p can definitely try it.
I will attach some screenshots here:

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