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I love anime and f2p mmo
No global version only in CN
106 Views 1 month ago
Been waiting for this game for a very long time and still no news about releasing global, my hope for this game is ruined it has nice graphics and gameplay and i really want to play it but there will be no global version of this game
P2w game
3 Views 1 month ago
if ur looking for some p2w games I recommend this
When is the global release
11 Views 1 month ago
2 Views 1 month ago
0 Views 1 month ago
its the best offline MMORPG mobile from my opinion but I will give 3 star because you have to pay to play it and it's expensive :( if not I will give it 3
Already have lots of games like this
16 Views 2 months ago
Its a p2w game like dragonicle , i dont recommend f2p people to play this but its okay if you want to try
38 Views 2 months ago
This game is cross platform of pc and mobile but it will not release globally so i give it 3 star because of honor of racist why you people only release it on china, us global are waiting everyday while others playing it scks
22 Views 2 months ago
i heard the people in cbt says this game is pay to win 😭now my hope for this game is totally ruined💔💔
477 Views 6 months ago
it will be 5 stars if they have english version (global).I really love sao and the game is like SAOIF which I’ve been playing for a long time.When I first see this i was like WOWWWW the graphics and animation is so cool compare with SAOIF but too bad it doesnt release on global version :( it makes me really sad because all the fun mmorpg games doesnt have global version.
0 Views 6 months ago
It will be 5 star if it has a english version (global)
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