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Right, after the first day of its soft launch until now, I learn something good in this game; that the developer very generous to their players.
What can I say?
1. they give us about a good gachas rate, yeah we easily get 1-2 yellow figurine here. (I've collected 53/59 figurines in Galery).
2. Easily to get something what we need, such as gacha ticket and diamond.
3. The developer itself always give us almost like daily Redeem Code on their Discord & Facebook Page.
4. Have a good gameplay, because even F2P can catch up with them in ranking list. (Not heavy P2W) Because what we need in this game is just strategy and a good figurine team. (Well, whale player only excel in tournament rankings, figurine rankings and Bounty Spades).
5. About graphics, it's good and perfect. But, this is my first time to not liking English Dub in game. Yeahhh I admit it the English Voices is not good at all, their voices ruined its figurine characteristics, not match at all.
6. Last but not least, I don't like its storyline... The main storyline is not mature at all, in fact I feel like I'm reading a children's story book, finishing chapter 1 is enough to make me not interested in continuing to follow the storyline, (sorry).
7. I suggest they add translate chat feature. Because World chat really irritated people who doesn't speak Indonesian. Yeahh that country really dominated SEA server. So... If you're someone who really want to use english for chit-chat I recommend you to play in other server except SEA. (even if I'm indonesian, I always respect and respond to whoever english people in World chat 😁).
Still!!! This turn-based game very recommended for you who don't like to spend a penny or loves to collecting figurines gacha ❤️❤️

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