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Play Time: 17 min

REVISED: Really??? 9.4 score??? when the game launched, I thiught, great! an old time pixelated jrpg, one of my favorite styles of game. the first thing I noticed was that the position of the joystick was in a very awkward spot, and would have worked perfectly if I were a 12 year old Japanese girl with tiny fingers. since I'm not, movement was very very difficult and very imprecise. combat.. well I mean really bad. the collision rate against the sprites you're fighting is very very inaccurate, and you miss easily as much as you hit, maybe even more. Another "endearing" feature is that during combat, pop up ads come on the screen! not after combat, but during combat. come on what kind of crap is that. it's almost as if they know the game is so terrible, the only way they're going to get anybody to buy anything is for these ads to continuously come up while you're in combat hoping that somebody's going to press something to buy just to get rid of the damn thing. now for my worst complaint. the English translation of this game is SO terrible, my 9-year-old German Shepherd could have done a better job. I mean it's so bad that it's unreadable. imagine having a game in your native language be so bad in terms of grammar, spelling, syntax that you thought fuck this, how could they release such crap? well that's exactly what I thought. I understand that the last time this game was updated was in 2019, so I knew it was going to be a crap shoot. too bad that the emphasis was on crap rather than shoot. hard pass on this game, uninstalling.
dunno, but did you notice the last update was in '19? Not a good sign lol

Play Time: 43.3 hr

Every once in awhile we're surprised by new releases. This is one of those times. When I first saw the 2D art and the preview, I thought that it was a generic, boring side-scroller. I'm very happy to tell you that I was wrong. This is NOT a shitty, generic side scroller meant for young children to play. This game is GREAT!!! It's super fun, the waifu dolls are strong as could be, and the art is gorgeous. Listen to this! When you log in for the first time, you need to summon cards to put your team together. Great, I thought. The game will give me 3 or 4 summons, they'll all suck, and then I'll have to pay serious $$ to make a team. Again, VERY wrong! Lol. I "almost" want to stop here, and let you be as surprised as i was. The game gives all new players ***1,000*** summon attempts! You get 100 summons, each of which consists of 10 cards each. Yup. 1000 cards. But here's the rub. If you pull a summons that has a UR card in it, you're asked if you want to accept that summons attempt. If you do, then your free summons stop, you accept what you've gotten, and move on. So i STRONGLY suggest you do some research--there are zillions of good vids on YouTube--to figure out which way you want to go, a magic team, or a physical team. If you don't get great pulls, you have 100 tries to get one. NEVER have i seen such generosity before. A ribbon of icons will appear at the bottom of the home page, one of which will say SUMMON. So do some research on the units, and go put your teams (3 dolls main, 3 dolls back up) together .
Once in game, there's lots to do, and if I were further along I'd be able to make some good recommendations. Since I'm still figuring things out, I'll wait til I'm more advanced before I make any recommendations. My purpose now was to tell you all to stop playing whatever you're playing and go download this super fun gem of a game! I'm told by many that the pvp in game is killer good, and I'm guessing that since the release is only 2 days old, people are leveling up before doing any pvp. Ok, enough rambling . Go snag it!!

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