Screenshot of Unhappy Raccoon
Screenshot of Unhappy Raccoon
Screenshot of Unhappy Raccoon
Screenshot of Unhappy Raccoon
Screenshot of Unhappy Raccoon
Screenshot of Unhappy Raccoon
Unhappy Raccoon

Unhappy Raccoon Global

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Provider XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
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Explore the universe, collect companions and build your spaceship on one mysterious planet after another. Don't worry about the danger. After all, this is a mere game for the "Raccoon God".

Unhappy Raccoon is a Roguelike action combat game developed by XD.Inc In this universe created by the Raccoon God, build, practice, and no enemies can last more than 3 seconds in front of you and your raccoon team!!!

That's right, that is Roguelike that everyone is familiar with! Our feature is that we can use the "Virus" of this universe, little raccoons, to our heart's content. Raccoons with different abilities colliding with Roguelike, what sparks will result from it?

Furry companions with their own unique characteristics-_-! Ugh! Yay! Furry! Exploring this mysterious universe with you

This is a universe created by the "Raccoon God". "Explorers" are trapped in this universe by an unforeseeable "event".
If you want to leave this place, you must follow the rule of the "Raccoon God", which will create obstacles for you and help you. Find it and beat the crap out of it!
In this universe, you will encounter all kinds of companions and the most annoying "virus" in this universe - little raccoons. Are they really not in league with the "Raccoon God"?@!
Then, explore to your heart's content, for the sake of saving yourself and this vast and mysterious river of stars!
& No raccoons were hurt in the making of this game

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Unhappy Raccoon Official
Unhappy Raccoon: Termination of Operations Notice
66 Views 11/20/2023
Petronoski servo
9 Views 11/10/2023
How to download it
When is the game coming back?
55 Views 10/30/2023
99 Views 10/14/2023
I was specting a bug fixes and updates. Even made some payments in order to help devs. It's sad to hear a game that even with bugs were this fun and enjoyable will close in some week forever. I hope in a future, soon, a new game like this comes again. I'll keep playing till the end, im just about to max everything in lobby.
Ham Ham
offline mode
31 Views 10/17/2023
WE can have an offline mode for play unhappy raccon? Is a easy way for close the servers, play the game into the android
23 Views 10/03/2023
I can’t beat forest boss :(
42 Views 09/20/2023
This is an amazing game. Great graphics. Fun gameplay. And gets progressively more challenging. My only dislike is that it gets very repetitive playing each nebula. They get harder. But the layout and enemies are exactly the same.
Sariya Katsuo
174 Views 04/03/2023
I love this game and want to love it more.. but holding gameplay hostage behind microtransactions feels scummy even after promising every character would be available to unlock in game.. until this changes sadly i can't review it any higher and probably won't be playing any
32 Views 09/19/2023
Hi to all that read this I just want to say that I’m looking for friends to play/talk to if anyone wants to be friends with me just reply to me
19 Views 09/14/2023
Anyone care to tell my why my progress was erased?
That's everything for now. Start a new game?