Supermarket Cash Register Girl

Supermarket Cash Register Girl

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Congratulations kids we have opened a brand new supermarket in the village, if you like to shop toys, clothes or grocery items then this game is going to suit your taste. In this supermarket cash register free game for kids you will have fun shopping food &amp; grocery items to shop. Little girls &amp; boys accompany your mom and dad to the supermarket for best shopping fun. <p>Supermarket cashier game features &amp; levels description</p>
<p>- 45 addictive &amp; challenging levels to play<br>- Various shelves full of shopping items<br>- a time management game<br>- time to server customer<br>- time to complete the level<br>- cash register counter <br>- coins to be earned based on serving time<br>- supermarket cash management as a pro cashier<br>- earned coins can be used to purchase level time <br>- supermarket shopping simulation<br>- recycling of spoiled items when required<br>- supermarket cleaning when required </p>
<p>Play as a supermarket cash registrar</p>
<p>- 45 addictive &amp; challenging levels to play<br>- a time management game<br>- coins to be earned based on serving time<br>- supermarket cash management as a pro cashier<br>- earned coins can be used to purchase level time </p>
<p>1 - Shopping</p>
<p> - serving shopping girls &amp; boys with the desired items in the customers' shopping lists<br> - placing the desired items in the shopping cart<br> - earning coins by serving customers timely</p>
<p>Educational benefits</p>
<p> This shopping game is not just for fun but for the educational purposes of the kids as well, kids will learn the supermarket management skills and it will help enhancing decision making skills by serving customers within a given time frame.</p>
<p>2 - Cleaning</p>
<p> For cleaning their will be a cashier girl holding dustbin, to make it the best superstore in town and make customers happy and grow sales help her picking the garbage off the floor whenever the shopping store gets dirty.</p>
<p>3 - Recycling</p>
<p>After clean up to make sure the supermarket shopping process keep going, you will be checking out the shelves for the rotten food like old spoiled fruits, taking them out and replacing them with fresh and healthy items.</p>
<p><br>4 - Cash Register</p>
<p>You will be working as a cashier, making transactions collecting money and giving the cash back to the customers like a pro cashier. In this money simulation game you be collecting the coins from the customers as a reward of serving them on time. Let's make this supermarket best in shopping center.</p>
<p>Educational benefits</p>
<p>This supermarket cashier game is designed in a way to make sure that children can sharpen their calculation and mathematical skills. So, let's sharpen your skills and quench your shopping fever.</p>
<p>Play our other free games for girls. Rate us and for feedback write us at [email protected]</p>

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