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Rhythm Game DJMAX TECHNIKA Q New Music Pack is Updated ! <br>“Propose, Flower, Wolf part2”, “Liar” “Play the future” “Sunnyside”<br>You can enjoy New Music Pack of above 4 line up for FREE ! <br><br>Get your groove on the latest DJMAX series, the legendary rhythm action game played <br>by worldwide users for more than 10 years since 2004. <br>Enjoy the HIT arcade and console rhythm action game, TECHNIKA, FOR FREE now!<br><br>▶ FEATURES<br><br>- Enjoy the best music game DJMAX TECHNIKA in smartphone &amp; tablet for free. <br>- The unprecedented arsenal of songs with full music videos in the background!<br>- Upgraded Q album system. Check out the songs, music videos, and even the lyrics!<br>- Compete with your friends using the real time ranking system and see whose musical<br> prowess dominates the scene!<br><br>▶ HOW TO PLAY<br><br>- The timeline will start moving horizontally as soon as the music begins<br>- Touch the note when the timeline passes through the middle of note<br>- When the Fever gauge on the top right of the screen is full, touch the [FEVER] button to trigger Fever Mode. <br> During Fever Mode, all points will be based on maximum judgment.<br>- Lucky bonus, which randomly appears during the game, allows chances for reaching a higher score.<br>- Buy Skins and enlist the help of Partners to create your unique Technika experience<br><br><br>* Music Game DJMAX Facebook : <br> 网页链接;br><br>* Music Game DJMAX twitter : <br> 网页链接;br><br>* Music Game DJMAX instagram : <br> 网页链接;br><br>※ Forward all and any inquiries to [email protected].<br><br>@ NEOWIZ GAMES Corp. All rights reserved.

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