Screenshot of Bhop GO
Screenshot of Bhop GO
Screenshot of Bhop GO
Screenshot of Bhop GO
Screenshot of Bhop GO
Screenshot of Bhop GO
Screenshot of Bhop GO
Screenshot of Bhop GO
Bhop GO

Bhop GO

Provider Shockapp
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Bhop (bunny hop) - is a skill to jump faster in FPS and simulation games. It is simply parkour with air strafes. Turn left and right (strafing) while jumping to get more speed and finish maps faster than other bhoppers.

Avoid falling and obstacles as they can slow your hopping down. Checkpoints will help your parkour run to finish 3d maps easily. Big maps are full of hard bhop jumping parts. But you can find trampolines, bounce pads and even loots like knives or weapons to make the game more fun. There are hundreds of bhop maps from subway to skydiving style.

If you are a pro jumper or a trickster you can find your nickname in leaderboards (statistics). Finish cool maps and get your world record. Collect loot, earn coins, buy cases, spin and win cool knives, gloves, weapons and skins.
Our guns and weapons do not shoot, but they are so exciting to obtain. You can spin cases and win cool inventory.

If you like to play online games with friends - choose Multiplayer mode. Much more fun to parkour and surf around together. Bhop GO works offline as well, so you can play single player when no internet.

Yes, you can create private and public rooms - choose Race mode. You decide how many bhoppers will take part in bhop race competition.

Bhop GO features:

- multiplayer parkour game to play with friends online
- single player works in offline mode
- collecting loot on maps
- jumping bounce pads
- moving 3d obstacles
- racing for world records (top players)
- military character skins
- different types of weapons (knives, pistols, snipers, shotguns, automatic)
- silver, platinum and gold skins for rare elite knives
- lootbox and crate system
- daily roulette to get cases
- smooth and easy controls (joystick as well)
- online text chats
- ranks for every player
- vip maps and membership

Enough reading - GO Bhop!

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