Hypnosis trance simulator

Hypnosis trance simulator

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Hypnosis trance - simulator technology of enter into a meditative dream state! Launch the app, choose rotating circle of illusion, and feel like a psychic! Try to enter in a trance your girl, the teachers at the school, the family cat or dog! The technique of hypnosis depends on the skill of the hypnotist, the mental state of the patient, deep relaxing meditative music and spinning circles! Train calm speech, maximally relax the patient, and try to put him in a trance, like a dream! If you succeed, you will be able to ask the patient any questions, and learn more about him than the magician or psychic!<br>ATTENTION! Hypnosis trance - simulator meditation! The application simulates a device for a deep dive into meditation! You will not become a psychic without training, proper training techniques of hypnosis, and daily meditation! Rotating circles - optical illusion! Use a trance with caution! Hypnosis can be dangerous for your health!

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