CN Arena All Stars

CN Arena All Stars

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Win the Arena with your own strategy.

Let's leave in a fun strategy showdown with the world🗺️

▣ Game Features ▣
# Complete your own deck to win
Collect various heroes, buildings and magic from Cartoon Network!
Lead Arena battles to victory with strategic card use.

# Character of Cartoon Network full of charm
Meet the popular cartoon characters of Cartoon Network, such as Finn, Ben Tennyson and Uncle Granpa, Grizzly, Blossom, Prohyas Warrior, Steven Quartz Universe, Gumball Tristopher Watterson.
A costume that you can decorate with a different look appears.
Let's meet the new character of Cartoon Network!

# World tour full of personality
Challenge 90 unique world tour stages.
You can win a variety of cards with the World Tour Challenge.

▣ Access Authority ▣
When using the App, we require permission to provide the following services.

1. Essential Access Authority
- Storage Space : Necessary for program installation and data storage within device

2. How to withdraw Access Authority
- Android 6.0 and up: Setting > App > Select Authority> Authority List > Select Access Authority Agree or Withdraw
- Android 6.0 and down: Upgrade OS to withdraw access authority or delete App
* The app can neglect individual consent function and withdraw access authority through procedures aforementioned.

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