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Screenshot of BestLuck
Screenshot of BestLuck
Screenshot of BestLuck
Screenshot of BestLuck


会社 Jae H Yoo
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BestLuck is an adventure puzzle game where you find clue by looking into different dimensional door frames to open the door.

Official Selection for showcase of INDIECADE 2017 - USA
Official Selection for showcase of E3 MIX 2017 - USA
Official Selection for showcase of Game Happens 17 - Italy
Heat Finalist for Nordic Game Discovery Contest - Denmark
Winner "Best Game Design" for TERMINUS 2017 - USA
Winner "Best Overall Game " for TERMINUS 2017 - USA
Official Selection for showcase of PlayDate - USA
Official Selection for showcase of ReVersed - Austria
Official Selection for showcase of PixelPop - USA
Best Game Selected for Cinekid Digital Culture - Netherlands
Official Selection for showcase of BIC - South Korea

"Every night, I see a girl in my dream."

"She always points somewhere."

"If I see her again tonight.."

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Rajitha Koppula
12 Views 01/24/2024
Enjoying this game alot
66 Views 12/03/2023
🧠 Strategy & Tactics: excelente game.
♡Violet Mariea♡
280 Views 01/14/2024
The game you need to play at least once in a lifetime, the puzzles are not very hard to solve meanwhile the storyline is emotional and wholesome, I didn't like the ending tho, it was kinda confusing and feel like rushed But after all, it was really fun and useful since I was on low space phone with no idea of any new good low space game, then my friend recommended me this After I enjoyed the game, I found out this is too underrated, this game deserves better
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TapTap Editor
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Party Jesus
608 Views 07/19/2023
Good graphics, outstanding music and effects. Puzzles are hard but surprisingly easy if you look at the clues. Downside: Bad controls. Here's my whole game progress:
560 Views 04/23/2022
This is supposed to be a "beautiful" game but even on ultra I just don't see anything but a cheap unity game. Assets are repeated everywhere and the whole thing feels like a giant pile of bugs. what were they thinking?
#BestLuck "BestLuck" is a game with a strange atmosphere. A boy who goes on an adventure into the forest of dreams after an unknown girl who comes to his dreams every night must solve a riddle by opening and closing an endless door. Who is the girl and where is this place? As you open and close the door and solve the puzzle, your curiosity grows.🕰 To avoid spoilers, the story is a hidden story that follows a girl who comes to her dreams every night and goes on an adventure in her dreams. (It's not a horror game, but the background of the game is similar to that of a horror game.)
333 Views 04/20/2022
Best Luck - Most Beautiful & Puzzle Story Gameplay Part-1 (ULTRA HD 30FPS) 🥰🥰
334 Views 04/28/2023
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