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TapTap Editor
25 Views 11/08/2021
There are button type and swiping type when starting for the first time. I recommend a swiping type joystick in terms of gain. Ads appearing while playing the game are unavoidable. But the game is really addictive. Spartacus war and arcade mode multiplayer mode are supported in a medieval setting. Spartacus War is a mode that expands each faction while including strategic elements of similar civilizations and Three Kingdoms.
Hardcore Gamer
15 Views 11/04/2021
The game use retro pixel art 2d sprites with 3d low poly environments. Upgrade your fighter and kill the enemies. Judge the timing and direction of your attacks in order to win over your opponent. [Pros] - Variety of game modes, which include Career, Spartacus' War, Arcade, Multiplayer, Quick Fight and Practice. - Blood effect can be changed to Off, Low and High in the options. [Cons] - Searching for an opponent spent a long time but failed to match anyone else in Multiplayer mode.
Hardcore Gamer
0 Views 12/10/2021
Gladihoppers - Gladiator Battle Simulator! is a fun and quirky game that I found addictive and played for hours. Sure, the gladiators mostly just hop around when they move, making the game even sillier, but man is the game just great. Time just passed by without me noticing. Graphics are old school and I won't complain about that. The music is OK, but the gameplay is where it's at. It's easy to understand but hard to master. While early stages are easy, fights become more difficult as players progress. The upgrade system though is nothing special, doesn't really stand out. However, it's still a very important component in the game.
0 Views 11/14/2021
Great game its so addicting and really fun I hope it gets big because the games really cool pls share this game with other because its a great game I telling you its a great game so pls play this game and give a 5/5 I have this game both on my phone and my tablet 😁😁😁
1 View 11/11/2021
it's a good game but after you get all the career upgrades there Is not much you can do that is fun getting a high score I guess but the other game modes don't make me want to play it but the career is good
4 Views 11/08/2021
Addictive and funny, but it's also hard to me, I tried to beat the first opponent with many times of failure, still don't understand how to block or pierce. In any case, this is not a new game, and I think the game's point is not graphics, but gameplay. Very weird and funny, let me try again. 🙃
2 Views 01/27/2022
It's good. It's been a while since I've enjoyed playing a mobile game that's not multiplayer, besides Minecraft.
0 Views 11/07/2021
wow it's kinda good
Victor Santiago
'Gladihoppers - Gladiator Battle Simulator!' review
2 Views 10/29/2022
1 View 05/09/2022
That's everything for now. Start a new game?