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5 Views 12/22/2022
Is that only my problem or when fast time Starting a black screen is showing u
342 Views 07/12/2019
This is an ASIA version of Extraordinary Ones, in Chinese name of "非人学园". The game connects MOBA with the Japanese anime style. Characters with some voice acting that I can hear in Japanese games, very familiar. The gameplay isnt too much different from most MOBA mobile games. The overall control is okay but less smoother compares to KOV or Vainglory. One less stars because of the server, which released one day before its announcement but the I can experience very high ping and the whole gameplay is terrible. (in Asia)
4 Views 07/22/2019
More Lag, More Player AFK, Not Stability Match Rank Level, Comsum Battery Very High Just in Moba, Bad 2 Server Division ( Starvale and Eon Pier) this is Moba Why have 2 Server, Like a Racism about New Player , Starvale Only Beta Tester Player Why ??? I Hope Developer Respect About User in game, We are always playing and support, but we need feedback from You ! Thank You ~
3 Views 12/03/2022
Asian Server has been shut down So why the game still here with Asian Version
2 Views 12/04/2022
This game is the best game even my parents like it.Thanks for the game.
56 Views 06/17/2022
anyone help me. tried playing from india. Is there no server for it do i have to use vpn or the game cant be played from third party app. It just gets stuck on the black screen with like idk something written on top left corner i played it on global several times so really wanted to experience those anime collab heroes if anyone can help me please reach out thank you.
PhantomGlitch Gamer
19 Views 10/02/2020
I don't why I can't get in the game, it keep showing me that black screen with white writing on the top left corner
andre schulz
7 Views 12/06/2019
a very good game if you have played lol or any mobile moba you should feel familiar with this one but it has its own touch the anime art style the new type of moving boss that gives a buff and runs the river up and down and is way more visible so more caution is needed if a team wants to kill him then the layout is slightly changed then how bushes are distribiuted is other then most mobas and overall this game feels more fast paced then any other moba the kill time can be distgustingly low sometimes but i love it the only bad thing is the lag from eu you can expect a ping from around 150 to 250 but still i would recomend to give it a shot
5 Views 05/12/2020
I want this game to collab on naruto
132 Views 03/06/2020
I've played the global end feel a little sad that some characters you can't have like muquan, midoriya bakugou, all might and Dracula, I'm not sure how or when the my hero academia characters will be in the game. But the game is awesome
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