Screenshot of Mons Adventure
Screenshot of Mons Adventure
Screenshot of Mons Adventure
Screenshot of Mons Adventure
Screenshot of Mons Adventure
Screenshot of Mons Adventure
Mons Adventure

Mons Adventure

Provider MiYo Games
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The latest Poke-like title, Poke Trainer is NOW available! It has been perfectly remade with the the classical series. In it, there are numerous cool stunt scenes to wake up your childhood memories and re-explore the wonderful trip.
Capture a lot of monsters with just one-click and create your unique team to battle with your friend’s. Just download to experience yourself for free!

----- Features-----
Collect Hundreds of Monsters to Form a Team
981 monsters are there for all fans to capture, collect and form a team. All those monsters are stunningly drawn by Japanese cartoonists to give all trainers a different visual experience.

Upgrade and Evolve to Grow Your Team
The battle team of monsters need every trainer to cultivate through upgrading and evolving. Growing with your monsters from one level to another is absolutely a great task of satisfaction.

Intense Battle, Strategy Wins
Set your monster teams strategically, combining the attackers, tanks and effect monsters that work best together
Battle games will require strategy and tactics if you want to rise to the top of the rankings!

Various Mounts to Enhance Combat
This title prepares a variety of mounts for trainers. Breed monsters of different elements and rarities to create cool new species! Besides, the little cute mounts can also enhance your team power so enemies can be destroyed more easily.

-----Game activity-----
Download, register and login to the game to receive specially-prepared gift package. And you can get more bonus if login for more days in a row. Just download and play for free now!

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