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4 Views 01/05/2023
It doesn't work :(
latıf uzmez
2 Views 01/02/2023
This game i not sign and not play.what problems
billy haas
17 Views 12/09/2022
Loved the game...just hhad a fantastic update ...only for hackers to cause the developers shut it down..sad day it was..RIP....and for ever will be missed
Leo Lejo
3 Views 12/04/2022
Already installed but stuck in loading screen😩
Demis Silva
2 Views 11/11/2022
When I first played Warhammer: Odyssey, I couldn’t believe that it had less hype compared to some other games. Warhammer is known for its poor graphics and boring gameplay. But what I loved were the controls, overall mechanics, and the lack of autoplay. Since there are a lot of games with autoplay nowadays, it feels like games are playing themselves instead of us playing the games. In other words, you have complete control over the gameplay.
804 Views 04/06/2022
Hardcore Gamer
19 Views 12/21/2020
Translated from Chinese by Google: The over-the-shoulder perspective MMO of the Warhammer theme has a distinctive overall style, and can also highlight the IP characteristics in professional division, such as the musketeer, the demon hunter mixed with guns and swords, etc. The image and skills are very close to the original work. In particular, the growth system based on unique characters is also not bad. The skill trees of different characters are very different. For example, the Musketeer has the ability to build turrets, and new attributes will be unlocked after these skills are upgraded.
More of the same.
154 Views 10/02/2022
The Warhammer IP is dead. Let it rest in peace. For years now, developer after developer have dug up the corpse of this once great franchise only to befoul it with tired aesthetics, mechanics, and the same boring gameplay as every one that came before it, save Space Marine. This isn't even a resurrection, it's a cursed abomination of Vermintide mixed with the inherently poor makeup of mobile mmo's. This title is simply another in a long line of atrocities committed against the Imperium in the pursuit of profits.
3 Views 01/11/2021
Nothin special in the game. You really need to change the fight "mechanics", they are basic and a lot of players will quit cauze of that. The jump button is pretty much useless, you put that in but you didnt give us something like a dodge skill. Becoming invisible means nothing against enemies, cauze they still hit you, which is really annoying and pointless to have. But the graphic is really good, the storyline feels a bit weird here and there, but if you pull out some different style, then the game will not be a waste of time.
3 Views 02/11/2021
This is mmorpg I looking for, but it's really unpolished and looks like work by less than 10 people developer. The UI and experience is half done, like when you try sell 50 loots, you need to click 50 times, really?! Hamburger menu placement is wrong and the experience is horrible. Click maps > loading... Click character > loading.... Click quest > loading... *face-palm Always accidently clicked the drop item while moving, and violaa... Another loading screen to menu bag..
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