Screenshot of SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooter
Screenshot of SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooter
Screenshot of SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooter
Screenshot of SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooter
Screenshot of SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooter
SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooter

SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooter

Provider SHD Games
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• SIERRA 7 puts you in the boots of a tactical operator caught in the middle of a war.

This is not a mission for the weak hearted. You will be put in the line of fire against a tough and determined enemy with ties to Militia leaders and madmen willing to die for their cause.

Are you the right man for the job?

• SIERRA 7 is a Tactical On-Rail First Person Shooter.
The super-stylish minimal aesthetic allows you to focus on varied
and randomized fire-fights, which perfectly blend realism and arcade
gameplay together in a fast, exciting and intense experience.

Unlock a variety of realistic and lethal firearms, and travel across the globe to unique locations where you will engage in tactical First Person Shooter combat against the randomized and unpredictable enemy types.


- Enjoy FREE Tactical and Exciting Gameplay
- 12+ Hours Campaign
- Fast Paced Realism meets Arcade Gameplay
- Customizable Character with Gear & Weapons
- Awesome Real World Firearms
- Unique and Varied Missions
- Impactful Gun Sounds and Animations
- Beautifully Animated Enemies
- Sniper Missions and Mini-Games
- From the Developer of LONEWOLF

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Long Cter
6 Views 04/13/2024
👍 Pros: 🎮 Gameplay: I experienced and cleared the plot quite well except for too many ads 
7 Views 03/19/2024
Good gameplay and graphics but gets boring after some time
Top 5 games i like
171 Views 01/01/2024
check the games
392 Views 11/09/2023
The concept is amazing, graphics are exceptional, the gameplay is great and the guns are pretty wonderful, everyone should try this game out, and I wish it got out of early access, it took the playstore by storm and never updated since
1.1K Views 10/09/2023
I really want this game
16 Views 05/02/2024
👍 Pros: Has good graphics, has a good storyline, and also optimized for Low-end devices. 🎮 Gameplay: It's addicting. 📖 Storyline: NOICE
Pele Pele
156 Views 12/23/2023
Very nice game, more missions could be added
I cant start this mission on hard difficult fix pls
115 Views 12/05/2023
866 Views 11/21/2023
I play this hame it has good story good shoter 10/10
1.4K Views 09/07/2023
One of the best out here. It seems simple at first, but it gets better and better by the time you play it. Not a 3d, spectacular super realistic graphics, but the art style used it's perfect for this kind of game. The storyline is very nice, well written and the gameplay is pretty simple but that doesn't mean is not good. The mix of the 1 person pov with this style is what gives the game an interesting look.
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