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Brian Rou
0 Views 12/07/2022
Bring this game back
0 Views 11/24/2022
I want this game back in the world, I beg the developers to reactivate this game
Hardcore Gamer
38 Views 09/27/2019
Mabinogi, one of PC games I was waiting for the mobile version so much is finally here. An open world mmorpg, with anime cartoony graphic and so smooth to play. I have no lag so far, and also the control is quite neat. . There is auto pathfinding but it is really optional, since you need to adjust your setting first in settings menu before getting that auto pathfinding. There will be auto combat button too at bottom next to chatbox once you reach level 20+ish (I forgot the exact level).
Hardcore Gamer
8 Views 09/27/2019
Mabinogi rivals Ragnarok in the depth of content for a mobile MMO, but surpasses it when you begin talking about realism. It is not in the visual aspects of the game, but in the amount of common tasks you can perform throughout the game. You start the game by collecting an egg from a chicken. You then have to purchase pepper from a store. Once you have the materials, you cook an omelet. While you do spend some time chasing away foxes in the standard "blast a bunch until they are endangered" style of quest, the core mission is about making breakfast.
Vin Ce
2 Views 10/13/2022
can't play anymore i play this for longest time ever, i play this at 2016 i think,so s😭
Mike Viana
0 Views 12/10/2019
The game is awesome, great MMORPG, but this new update the game does not load hope you fix this problem
Hardcore Gamer
0 Views 12/09/2019
So far the game is great, can't wait to play further into the storyline. the only bug that I've incountered so far is the media volume of the game will suddenly becomes mute after a few minutes of playing. the only way to fix this by quitting the game and re-enter it. but becomes a little bit annoyance that I need to keep doing it every few minutes., O_o The rest is excellently working fine just like the gameplay mechanics, etc.
5 Views 12/04/2019
Hi, problem logging in to game how to fix this? and what to do? Network connection failure, please check network then tap confirm to retry (error: unkown error Url:http://nogi-sgp.game.koramgame.com/servifo.php?)os_name=android&ly_name=sgp_android&version=1.78.11501&area_id=sgp&is_editor=0 IP: xxx.xxx.xx.xxx) and Jeez enable the send photo so you can know the issues fast and help your players easily (i know you cant help us that fast, but it will make your work easy)
Mohamed Hassan
2 Views 02/09/2021
everytime I try to connect to the server after login it says ( the Contract expires , IOS and Google pack packages has been terminated ) what to do if anyone knows ?
Denon Yenah Gre
0 Views 01/29/2020
I come from the pc mabinogi. I've played the pc mabinogi since it first came out up to current day. This mobile version is amazing. I love how it's the same old nostalgic mmo but with new features and content and a different, yet tasteful spin to the original. I honestly have no complaints about this game. It is most definitely not pay to win, I never needed to spend money and the stuff you can get with money doesn't exactly get you ahead. They did a great job keeping the graphics and all the same yet improved with new physics. I highly highly recommend this game whether your from pc or don't know anything about this game. Best anime mmo on mobile hands down, I've played them all. I'd say second is Toram Online.
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