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Hardcore Gamer
11 Views 10/31/2021
Excellent RPG that breaks back memories of classic great gameplay experience!! If you love RPG and if you are tired of generic Android games putting too much ad on your face and forcing you to buy everything and if you are tired of energy system and all that crap then my friend this is a game for you,, ++Gameplay++ This game play pretty well with touch screen, It does bring back memories of classic storytelling and RPG element with little bit of complicated controls which you get used to it in no time,, controls are little bit difficult if you never play these kind of games but they are not completely overwhelming They might look like complicated but everything have a purpose every button every touch you do has a reason,, I was surprised to see how very well work this game with the touch screen which I didn't expect a game like this to be,,
4 Views 07/30/2022
Great game the controls are easy to use graphics are fantastic and the ambient music is immersive overall a pleasant and engaging gameplay experience 😀 👍
Hardcore Gamer
15 Views 03/15/2022
It's a fantastic role-playing game based on the ancient Dungeon Crawler genres. While the tale is intriguing enough, the game's mechanics are where it really shines. It's a 5 star all the way around, from the stats to the powers or skills to the foes. However, I'm not a big fan of Dungeon Crawlers, so I'm not sure I'd recommend it to a first-time player. ►►►►►►►►►► If you liked my review, please hop into my profile to check other awesome games I reviewed.
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Love this game
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