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Hardcore Gamer
66 Views 03/03/2020
Have you ever watched a movie called Hunger Game? Well, I guess this game is like that. For gameplay its interested me, because we are required to surround the entire map to find the battery in order to advance to the next level, oh yeah this is not a horror game! this is more of a puzzle game while hide and seek between the main character and robot bees which can chase you when detected by the bees, but I'm a little disturbed by how OP the bees are, when I have entered into the main room they will still chase me unless I illuminate him twice with Multitool.
Admiral Kin
Admiral Kin
Hardcore Gamer
8 Views 05/22/2020
➡️Welcome To Joyalnd Botherlands➡️ 👁️‍🗨️At a general point this game it has a unique aspect I mean it is FPS horror mixed with the authentic style of Botherlands (hope I write it it good ). It is a horror puzzle game that will captivate you with small details and lose your time into it to do not be caught by creatures , you are so called a little girl in the story and your brother is oke , I did play it full to write to you all the story and so on , but sounds really good and interesting also.
0 Views 03/15/2020
A unique and very beautiful project! It shocked me with its design and graphics !!! I advise everyone to play, and only then you will understand what a high-quality game is !!!
Charlex Le'gran
1 View 03/05/2020
This game is very very different. The gameplay itself is unique and immersive and the tiny elements of surprise makes its fûckin cool. No kidding , this game is B.E.A.Utiful.
Bored Boringson
2 Views 02/29/2020
I liked it even tho the story from the get go is short I didn't survive enough to know more, the fluttering of that thing coming near me got me anxious 😂
3 Views 05/22/2020
i like the graphics not the controls, the movement is bad and it's unplayable because of ads they are unskipable no control costmization. and the action of the character is slow
Thế Dinh
0 Views 05/21/2020
1 View 05/26/2020
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0 Views 05/22/2020
I don't like the gameplay
0 Views 05/22/2020
The good horror.
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