Ariu 66
2 Views 2020/5/21
i can't wait for these game to come out it looks super awesome from the snippets of it, i hope the creators take their time on developing it. A lot of people are asking for this game to be released already and it's not right!!! If you want this game to be rushed it won't look as good as it does in the trailer. people have to be patient in order to have an awesome experience with the game. Sending peace and love ❤✌
nate of the living dead
nate of the living dead
3 Views 2020/8/6
I'm confident that Netease can make a good game, as well as make it distinct enough for me to still want to play it in addition to its... ahem... inspiration. My problem with their titles is that they always seem to start out very high quality with regard to animations and voice acting, but then you'll reach a point where it's obvious that's exactly where the devs stopped taking as much care with the presentation. Hopefully that can be avoided with this project, because it looks really cool and I'm excited to see how it plays.
2 Views 2020/6/26
Neteast needs to stop and come up with their own original idea. This is just plain copy of cyberpunk 2077 how is it not obvious. The theme, the setting, the characters even the logo is familiar. this is giving the mobile gaming industry a bad name.
lucky sanotra
0 Views 2020/5/22
this company is rich and games are cool and better animation. why they wasting so much tym why not making a gta mob lol it's better if they focus on 1 game and hiting the market with gta
1 View 2020/5/30
How to login? Do we need to have WeChat or QQ account? Please somebody explain the login procedure! Thank you
Mostafa ZAKRI
1 View 2020/6/9
It looks great. but from Netease then I don't think I'll rise my hope for a future laggy game
Ezio 17
0 Views 2020/6/27
don't know about gameplay so 4 stars but will this game gonna come in English version like dragon raja and also please don't make this game pay to win remember any pay to win games are not everyones favourite so please its a reauest
0 Views 2020/5/23
I wish I want to play this game with an amazing plots especially ( english version).
Abdul Basit
1 View 2020/5/23
After grid autosport this is the best game in graphics I have ever seen before
0 Views 2020/5/23
NetEase is on super saiyan mode 🔥 look at those all games they are announced 😱
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