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30 Views 09/20/2023
I really miss this game coz it's my childhood game.
Alfred Billona
1.1K Views 01/30/2023
I've played this game even before it was in English Language. My friends and I had to find translation patches to play this but it was really worth it. When the game was just beginning, when no single person can solo that Tower Dungeon, we had to come up with good strategies to rise on each levels especially the boss levels. We also had to grind every day to earn items and get stronger, the old MMORPG way.
Michael Lennon
146 Views 03/06/2023
If you played ragnarok in the past you will understand this game isn't ragnarok, is more like pay to win gacha game with ragnarok elements and when i say gacha game is because if you want more damage you have to buy cosmetic things to increase archivaments. I am disappointed for the game selling MVP Cards for who pay most, because don't reward the true luckiest card hunter who deserves it. In WOE you gonna see the pay wall difference for who FTP and PTW.
rio mohtar
3 Views 08/29/2023
The best
140 Views 02/01/2023
187 Views 10/15/2021
I‘m Ragnarok M: Eternal Love player for a long time. At the outset, I played as a mage alone. I asked my GF to join in cause I need a priest to restore my health. It's been about 2 years until then. I became busy and had less game time, but she's still playing. Now she is the president of our guild. Although it's an old game, Ragnarok M: Eternal's excellent from my perspective. Not so P2W if you’re hardworking enough. It’s better than some games full of VIPs. Ragnarok M: Eternal designs a lot of features that might be considered irrelevant to the core gameplay. In some areas, you can take a vehicle for a ride to see beautiful scenery. Vehicles also vary. It could be a giant poring balloon, a cloud, a magic carpet. Invite the one you love to take a ride, the air is full of love. Other feature like cooking, The food itself can bring a lot of benefits to the character. Interestingly, if you eat too much in the game, the character will become fatter and dwarfed. If you search enough, you might find a record player at the south gate of Prontera. Just as listening to music is actually a very good way to relax. Game designed a lot of interactive moves, such as kissing and holding hands. If there is any significant action in this game, that will be Playing Dead.
Drax Vyzenithmx
40 Views 02/09/2022
This game good course the tittle Ragnarok online, but the developer need become honest about rate gacha and some else for free to play player, but the deposit system still good... Me player active streak play since 29/Oct/2019, bug, and unbalance coding it's found too much, uploaded useless file into phone as like guild logo, need fix too much pop-up file without upload into phone, after system cities of acedemy release become more trash course when enter dungeon got bug teleport into acedemy cities, when logout will teleport overthere, about my favourite the most important the stats system, the stats system is not working well, I'm not enjoy if reason for pay to win, as like skill delay animation not working when increase AGI stats and many more, i will increase 1 Star when the developer make 100% stats system as like Ragnarok PC origin, player play Ragnarok online is for customize personal stats to build, if everything not look different when increase stats, that is not Ragnarok, explain, Skill Double Strafe when put high AGI more high skill animation delay, duration animation will decrease, hope so after new gen patch reset stats system into defaul, I will check the difference improvement, bug, and the system annoying to player...
Ragnarok M: Eternal Love
399 Views 04/04/2023
Been playing it since it first released  in SEA until last month. Although the activities were repetitive, the experience was worth playing. The graphics, music, costumes, sceneries, also the in game stories and players' stories, it's all enjoyable. But, the most impactful thing that i got was, the memories I got when playing with friends and companion, the ones who in the end kept me going before I decided to quit.
Ace Dela Cruz
46 Views 04/25/2023
Game is Good coz you can compete to whales with just 2x or 3x to your stat if F2P compare to RoX whale is 10x more stat than F2P while ROO has 5-10x stat cost of ingame cash items.Also RoM is a has a 4 server for 4-5yrs while RoX and RoO has 10 to 20 to 30 to 40 and keep putting server mostly 2 or 3 in a month.
● Not just a game for leveling up. It’s a game for making friends. ● Best Ragnarok in my perspective. I’m sure Gravity already made more than 100 Ragnarok mobile games, some did a great job but most of them sucked. In All the Ragnarok mobile games that have already been made, Eternal Love is my favorite. It’s the MMO I think should be, not just for grinding or leveling up. We find new friends here or maybe, the true lover. The good side of Eternal Love is they’re good at making a unique experience. Not just polishing the core gameplay, they add a lot of mechanics like photograph, holding hands with other players, or cooking. At festivals, There are even fireworks shows. It’s a game not just for being stronger, it’s a game in which you can create memories with your friends.
34 Views 04/20/2022
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