Lack of Rating


Lvl maxed out too quick
97 Views 2022/7/25
Ntita Ilunga
I opened the game once and now I can't play for this issue am receiving with the network. I have a fiber connection of up to 50mb/
1 View 2022/8/1
Dược Historyy
1 View 2022/7/11
sad game
10 Views 2022/6/4
it's sad they did almost nothing with this game for 2 years and soon it will be replaced with game of higher quality
Zack Chasteen
1 View 2022/5/27
amazing game I like it
2 Views 2022/5/31
the Best game.
7 Views 2022/5/23
Game was abandoned i think cause error when u open
85 Views 2021/10/21
This is 1 of the best survival games I've ever played. please make it a little more flexible like adding jumping and optimising the way u walk and also remove boundaries so we could swim, probably do some fishing and stuff. And instead of going around an obstacle, make it possible to climb stuffs. reduce the production time too, make it a little less than 5mins for all production. 15 mins for a single product to be produced is too long. And the stamina used for moving, do something so we could just recharge it easily, like watching an ad or by playing a mini game ingame. Over all, u guys deserve 10 🌟.
2 Views 2020/9/2
This is the best survival game I've played on android and I've tried a lot. I really love the story and how the game has a wide map. But there is a lot that I feel could be added. Like I think it would be great if the players health could regenerate by itself, even if it takes time, because the game is so expensive on items that sometimes you absolutely can't find any fruits to refill your health and it's annoying.
samosa gamer
7 Views 2021/12/21
graphics 7/10 gameplay 9/10 optimization 8/10 size around 1gb language english+ Russian game has good + funny storyline plus survival element in game Game still in open alpha you should try total ratings 8.5 /10 poco x pro :-- by samosa mobile gamer👍
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