Screenshot of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy
Screenshot of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy
Screenshot of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy
Screenshot of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy
Screenshot of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy
Screenshot of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy
Screenshot of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy
Screenshot of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy
Screenshot of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy
Screenshot of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy
Screenshot of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy
Screenshot of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy
EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy

Grand Open
Provider KONAMI
Downloads 23,029Followers 42,101

Introducing the new mobile game from artist Hiro Mashima’s highly popular manga EDENS ZERO!

A faithful adaptation of its world and story in stunning graphics that will move both fans of the anime and original manga, as well as those yet to explore it, to tears!

Blast off into space with just your phone! Start your adventure with Pocket Galaxy!

◆EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is a bird's view action RPG of the space fantasy manga EDENS ZERO, simply referred to as Pocket Galaxy. It’s easy to play on your smartphone, letting you take control of its captivating characters!

◆What to know.
(1) It’s true to the original, but includes original stories as well! The main storyline is fully voiced. Experience Hiro Mashima’s rich tear and laugh-filled story richly animated. Don’t worry if you have yet to experience the original. Simply playing the game will get you fully up to speed with the universe of Edens Zero! Pocket Galaxy will also have its own original story content! Perhaps you’ll even see a side of the characters you didn’t in the original?!

(2) Take part in exhilarating, extravagant battles! A true hack and slash experience! Recreate dazzling battles using the special abilities of Ether Gear. Set up your skills and one button is all you need to easily unleash them on groups of enemies and powerful bosses. Pursue the ideal build, keep taking on quests, and customize your skills and equipment! How difficult you find quests will change dramatically depending on your skill and equipment combinations. Hack and slash your way through to upgrade your character!

(3) There are over 100 kinds of costumes to equip, including those drawn by Hiro Mashima himself! There are also over 100 kinds of equipment to obtain through quests. You’ll have plenty of cool and cute clothes to wear. Put your favorite character in your favorite outfit! Changing their appearance is fun, but don’t forget about changes in your equipment’s abilities and skill compatibility. Will you favor looks, or performance? It’s all up to you!

(4) Battle players around the world in the Arena and climb up the rankings! Pocket Galaxy will be released around the world in 11 languages (Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean). Build a crew to be proud of and test them against other players! Climbing up the rankings will earn you rewards!

◆Who is Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy recommended for?
• Those looking for a real action RPG for their smartphone.
• Those who want to try a hack and slash mobile game.
• Those looking for an action game that is free to play.
• Those who enjoy taking on and defeating powerful enemies and bosses multiple times.
• Those who enjoy anime or manga, and want a game that immerses themselves in that kind of universe.
• Those who enjoy movies with high-quality visuals, like anime.
• Fans of Hiro Mashima’s works Edens Zero, Fairy Tail, or Rave Master.
• Those who enjoy fully training and strengthening their characters.
• Those who want many costumes and skill combinations to make characters that feel truly your own.
• Those who want to adventure in cool and cute outfits.

◆System Requirements
Supported OS version: Android 9.0 or later
RAM: 4GB or more
SoC: Devices with Snapdragon 8 series (845 or above), or devices with Snapdragon 765G or any devices with equivalent or better performance.

*Please note that even if your device fulfills the system specifications required to run the application, it may still not run properly due to external factors, such as available memory, conflicts with other applications, or an intrinsic limitation of the device itself.
*Please note that some models are not supported.
*The list of supported models may be subject to change.

◆All Rights Reserved
© Hiro Mashima/KODANSHA, NTV
©Konami Digital Entertainment

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9 Views 2022/2/24
This game need a lot of works to: so laggy, long loading time, manual battle is teribble and if playing in auto mode the character will skip the normal enemies and straight to the boss.. Need more game optimizing, fix ID binding and game connection so many "Connection Error" while no problems when I playing other games and most important is to fix your character control when played in manual and b
18 Views 2022/2/27
too many system requirements for such a terribly mediocre/trash game. such a great anime, only to be presented with this North Star style game. repeated large waves of copy pasted looking enemies. you can hardly make sense of what your moves look like as shiki. I will say this forever. ALL fighting anime games should adapt the Nanatsu no Taizai turn cards game style. stop selling open world and rp
Ahmad Baihaqi
28 Views 2022/3/3
A boring games with anime slapped on it, this simply little to not worth it. Pros: -The game has good voice actor from anime series - Faithful from manga or anime Edens Zero. -The soundtrack is good. Cons: -Very not potato phone-friendly, the requirements are totally unacceptable, you think this requirement are the feral interactive style which need high requirements like this?, this incredibly st
21 Views 2022/3/5
Great Game! No gacha. Every character is collected by story. You upgrade each character by skills, friendship points (how many times you played a certain character) and equipment. It has pvp but each players team will fight auto. The event is just a quest event which will grant limited chance to get great equipment. It gets boring without the story since it's finish but if your an EDENS ZERO fan,
EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Gameplay
223 Views 2022/2/28
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TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
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229 Views 2022/2/11
Zero two is life
2 Views 2022/2/24
I've been having alot of fun with this game today. The story I've found pretty interesting so far the game play is pretty fun. Apart from a couple of crashes where I got sent back to main menu the experience so far has been mostly positive I've been able to progress pretty well. As this is the first day this game has been released I feel that to be overly harsh about release day bugs wouldn't be
12 Views 2022/1/21
Junction Impactgreat game, if your a fan of open world games this is perfect. the characters are all unique and fun to play with. The events are so fun to play to, they are very frequent too.And saliva production companies should produce Dragon Ball anime, Inuyasha anime, and Naruto anime, such as the Jenshin Impact game
borkono gaming
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