Little Buddies Hospital 2

Little Buddies Hospital 2

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Game ini tidak tersedia di negara/ daerahmu
Game ini tidak tersedia di negara/ daerahmu

Animal Hospital has 10 little patients who need your love and care! Treat baby animals and help them get well. Some animals need doctor, pet vet and dentist help, and some needs a relaxing spa procedures and fun makeover. Fix teeth, test eyes, clean infected ears, fight germs, cure fever and tummy ache, wash and shower messy pets, play animal spa, and more. Nurse and look after Little Buddies, your new pocket pals!

LITTLE BUDDIES ANIMAL HOSPITAL games for children, toddlers & preschool kids:
- Take care of different animals: bunnies, piggy, cow, sheep, hedgehogs, horse and owl.
- Fill the medical chart for your little patients.
- Play ear doctor and clean up little bunny‘s infected ear.
- Learn to use the ultrasound machine and treat piggy‘s tummy ache.
- Nurse little cow to cure her runny nose, sore throat and fever.
- Decorate cow‘s hospital room with balloons and flowers to help her get well soon!
- Shave, wash, shower and makeover baby sheep from black to white!
- Clean up baby hedgehog's spines from tree leaves and sticks!
- Play horse dentist and fix his teeth.
- Help little rabbit relax in a soothing bath and.
- Pull out cactus spines from tiny hedgehog‘s paw.
- Little sheep has chickenpox - cure her, make a fruit smoothie with vitamins and dress up!
- Test owl‘s eyes and pick her the perfect glasses or colorful contact lenses.

If your kids are afraid of going to the doctor, let them play pet vet in Little Buddies Animal Hospital and see that there's nothing scary in the hospital!

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