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Ujrjr Jfoh
0 Views 02/28/2023
617 Views 11/18/2021
most of mobile games especially RPG games that need quite lot grind hv auto feature for playing everywhere n everytime even if u're busy because playing in phones more flexible than pc , and they target market for busy people either . but most of RPG PC Gamer cant move on and accept it when playing mobile games , they demand the same as RPG on PC . so for RPG gamers who play in mobile , its like you indirectly hv to choose side whether Auto Side or Non-Auto Side .
76 Views 07/05/2021
Sorry to disappoint you all. .The game is just a shit. .All you have to do is to selected you're character and customize them. .after that the ai(auto ballet, auto quest will take over) and yes. .all Korean characters Vikings ..
40 Views 04/06/2022
The game is of very low quality, not finalized, almost empty world in which there is nothing to do except for many hours of killing monsters, this is not content but garbage, there is no interesting pvp, there are no interesting bosses, there is one boss on and it was forbidden to go to him more than 3 times a week, more it’s not clear why, solo bosses were inserted into the plot that slow down the development of the character, since they are sometimes very difficult to kill, and the most successful is paytowim, games with such crazy donations don’t last long, it’s not even clear what to donate for, it’s not clear what place the developers thought they were creating this is ..... the game is clearly not thought out, not finalized and very boring and unfriendly towards the players, of course this is the minimum rating, one could put zero, I would gladly put it.
masood slamani
41 Views 09/02/2021
This game is very funny, I was waiting for this game, but now I am faced with shiny female characters again. How can you make a game with shiny and very unnaturally beautiful women, but you can not make a good game player. Please make a game like Assassin Creed Valhalla and make natural women natural. Make battles natural. Please please. Thank you.
23 Views 07/11/2021
I can't even be bothered to write much but in short.. It wants you to just auto play, that's the loop and it let's you do so, paying gives you power there's also pvp so that matters. People are having issues getting into the game as well this will most likely continue in the two release. Lastly the combat system isn't anything new infact for it's nice graphics the combat is super dated. It runs poorly on even high end phones, just use a pc instead if you really want to play this.
imran zafar
143 Views 03/23/2021
this 9.6 rating will be down very quickly after few days of releasing the game.
Friday Lay
7 Views 07/02/2021
When this game is going to came out on USA I can wait to play😁😁😁😁
9 Views 08/21/2021
korean characters seriously?dude!it's norse mythology not an anime type of game plz!gave a option to change the face of the character into more realistic measure not like the Korean face??😒
No English version
16 Views 10/28/2022
That's everything for now. Start a new game?