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proxy don
4 Views 11/05/2022
fake app, in tap tap The
3 Views 10/30/2022
the game advertised is Very different from the actual game a huge difference.
Sunita Routh
2 Views 09/02/2022
very good game 👍🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮
Hardcore Gamer
21 Views 02/19/2021
This is good because more and more developers showed up with games which inspired by Fall Guys. But this one is a little less good in terms of camera rotation, stiff buttons, and have a less features. The idea of Jumping and Rolling is ruined the gameplay imo. When I found out if I just only sprint, then Jump and roll, again and again, wait for the timing, then jump-roll again... just repeating this steps, makes the game less challenging, and each obstacle can be so easy to deal with.
TapTap Editor
52 Views 12/22/2020
Among the Fall Guys style, it is the best game for its gameplay. Of course, there is a mobile version of Fall Guys out there, and this game contains all the elements of the Fall Guys game. It's still an early version, so there aren't any major problems when playing the game with a bit of a problem. If you are looking for the mobile version of Fall Guys, I recommend this game.
0 Views 05/29/2021
To be honest I'm very impressed with this game it takes Mario and fall guys and puts it in one whole game amazing game but fix lag and add a 60fps option 😍😍😍
91 Views 12/21/2021
I played this game for about half an hour, and what I feel is this game is pretty good, although there are still bugs such as game photos turning into question marks. Overall this game is satisfying and worth playing especially with friends, of course it will be more exciting, maybe with many more modes and features to come that will make this game interesting to play in multiplayer. After a few days, I finally found the flaws in this game, from add friend mode it's still a bug, playing with friends is still buggy, and I can't even play via code.
26 Views 02/26/2022
Good concepts overall but needs a hell lot of work. Almost good execution but it's just not there yet and I doubt it's going to get better, I have no hopes in early access nor beta testing in games. A lot of things are broken particularly the UI. The plaza is great idea though. The gameplay is kinda ok but the whole experience I just kept on thinking man I could've just played Stumble Guys than this.
22 Views 10/30/2021
Do I think this game has many bugs? a moment ago I wanted to create a clan, I got diamonds, but I did not create a clan
That's everything for now. Start a new game?