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3 days ago

games great...well or was. this new update was absolutely terrible and you clearly didn't run it through a test server to make sure it actually worked as intended, prolly why IoS won't approve your game. bots 1 shot you across the map with perfect aim for head shots. all text went from english to chinese, happy I have the choice in language when it doesn't work either. if you expect to make a reputable game, you guys have a lot of work to do on your end. this is an absolute shit show. the claim for the patch notes was that bots would crouch and move side to side. they already did that prior to this new patch. so what the hell did you guys do is what I want to know. I'm a coder myself and I know better then to release something before its thoroughly tested. you could have taken 2 more weeks to test the patch and no one would have bat an eye. shit like this is what kills games before they even have a chance. take more pride in your work, gamers don't appreciate this shit. and trust me there are thousands of other games, we won't be hurt over not playing this one particular game.
and if someone reports an issue with the fee in black market. ex. cost of an item is 150k but the fee is 1.57trillion. dont ask me for screenshots. you have the ability as a developer who gives a shit about his game to log in, spawn the item and take 5seconds to check. I reported it, fix it. I'm not jumping through hoops cause you guys cant be bothered. that's not my job. you want a pay check, then do your job and make a reputable game. if this is beyond your grasp then remove it from the stores. I dont get paid to do your job, I have 2 fulltime jobs already.
fyi I coded Perfect World for xuwai CN(pc) to pwmy . lineage 2. and perfect world mobile. with this understand my discontent with this new update and the support system. and this should be addressed sooner then later as the game is currently unplayable.

Festus Ade : Wow. I was thinking of testing it out. I guess I'll wait till it's available on the Play Store
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BELAL-venom : اللعبة حلو ولا لا
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6 days ago
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peepoPoo : Ни единого вылета у меня не было.
3 days ago
Amir 2016 سوريا
1 hr ago
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So... Where to start?
After 355 hours of gameplay, I guess I can say my opinion and oh boy-
Let's start with the negative things first, because there are quite a lot of them and a lot of them serious.
Spawn in the maps: Very often the FireFly, that is the "PMC", have spawns very close, guess what? No one spawns at the same time, so if you're a poor asshole who owns a longer spawn, you might find yourself a Chad who'll take you out in 1 second, with no fighting chance. Oh yeah, I forgot that very often Marauders can have spawns literally behind you, at least Marauder Bots as the game can't balance that, spawning the fucking dog.
Marauder mode: Very often Marauders are equipped with weapons ... which are infinitely better than the weapons that PMCs possess, to give you an example: SA-58 with M61, AKS-74 With BT / BS, Heavily Modified Weapons and the list goes on. From what I understand, marauder mode should be a mode that allows you to collect what's left on the map and mine safely. But with these kits, it simply becomes a way to have free fights against PMCs, who even with the best equipment, can die from marauders and not for skill.
Bot Leg Meta: Perhaps this is more personal, but many people complain about it, that is, from an update that was meant to nerf the Marauders, they are now more of a threat than before, as they are now only targeting your legs, breaking your bones and forcing you to heal yourself continuously. Why is this a problem? Unless you have a splint, healing a fracture costs 200 points and the single medkit has 600. So yes, fix this mechanic or improve points management.
Limited weapon modding is NOT realistic: One of the promises made was to have extensive weapon modding is mostly realistic. I'm sorry to tell you it was a lie. The modding is not realistic and above all it is not free to allow you to do the builds you want. Maybe in the future they will add more changes, but for now they have only removed components that made some weapons more balanced. For example, they removed the ability to use 45 and 60 round magazines on the AKS-74 why is this a problem? Because AK-74M, which allows you to have the 45-60 magazine, can only be obtained through QUEST, so for players who had not yet completed this quest, AKS-74 It turned out to be a viable alternative to fight the Chad who use AK- 74M, but no. We remove this possibility because it is not realistic, but we put the possibility to see the enemies through the walls.
Unbalanced Loot: This is something I've only recently noticed thanks to a review I read here on TapTap regarding the game. It will not be uncommon to find rare or very high value items, but it will be incredibly difficult to find common items such as screwdrivers, hammers and other items necessary for the construction of your shelter. I know this will be great for the economy of the game and the players themselves, but it seems strange, finding 3 intelligence, i.e. rare items in a ran is not even a screwdriver, i.e. a common item
I should say some good things, but I don't have a lot of good things to say. It is clear by now that the developers do not listen and do their own thing, which does not surprise me since the game is a fort from NetEase, which is their modus operandi.
Advise? I don't know, as a CBT player, I would just tell you to try it, if you like it stay, if you don't like it, go away, it's not a problem.

Ryo : Drop it after they changed Akiyama into "wtf is that". And bots can see you in km if they on the roof of buildings and its ok if u can not see them ;D
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Leonardo Reviewer
Leonardo Reviewer
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Leonardo Reviewer
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кольт : о, рдрщик
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