Iron Snout+ Pig Fighting Game

Iron Snout+ Pig Fighting Game

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The game is not available in this country/region

Help a brave kung fu piglet fight hordes of angry wolves in this addictive animal fighting game (free) - Iron Snout!

Swipe & tap your finger to keep punching, kicking and slamming your foes, stealing their weapons and knocking them out of the arena to survive as long as you can in this endless fighting game about an ultimate fight between pigs and wolves! Iron Snout is an addictive beat em up game takes place in a dangerous animal world, where one tiny pig fighter hero with powerful kung fu fighting skills must stand strong against endless stream of angry wolves hungry for blood and bacon!

🐷 funny premise of a wolf fighting pig punching snouts in mortal combat
🐷 master deadly fighting style of a karate pig in this feral animal fighting game
🐷 keep tapping and swiping to survive in intense bloody boxing brawl
🐷 chain crazy combos of deadly fighting moves to beat up hungry wolf enemies
🐷 use enemy body parts and weapons to win the fights
🐷 conquer forest arena and dominate wolves in brutal city street fighting
🐷 train in deadly fighting styles like pork kung fu master, swine judo karate and bloody boxing
🐷 show off your quick reflexes and wolf hunting skills with swift pig fighter controls
🐷 unlock tons of fun achievements
🐷 enjoy endless fighting with cartoon blood and bacon mixed in this fun beat em up game
🐷 improve skills & beat your friends to reach the top of leaderboards
🐷 bring your deadly fight offline in a fun wolf fighting game without internet

Best Addictive Fighting Game

Iron Snout pig game unleashes your fight skills in a fun mortal combat with quick taps and swipes, which turn to pig kung fu master moves designed to fight wolves! Every deadly fight game session will be different, with many ways to kill your enemies - think and react fast to not get overwhelmed by endless hordes of foes! There’s no way to block attacks, so keep swiping fast to make our pig games hero jump over or dodge under the rocket wolves or wrecking ball swing! Just like in other beat em up games, using strong force attacks to knock your enemies back is also a viable strategy. Our iron ninja fighter can punch and kick enemy projectiles to catch and throw them back. Killing a sword fighting wolf will also knock out its weapon, which pig then can catch and use in the battle. Adapt and use a variety of fun fighting styles like pork kung fu, swine karate and snout boxing - it makes Iron Snout a fun addictive endless fighting game (free)!

Funny fighting game enemies!

You must defend the piggy with your pork chop moves from different hungry wolves, so learn their attacks and react with best fighting game moves. In forest arena you’ll battle endless stream of granny wolf fighters, pogo wolves and chainsaw wielding foes. In city street fighting arena kung fu fight angry skateboarding wolves, police SWAT squad and funny wolves swinging on a wrecking ball or throwing balls at your kung fu master pig!

Warning: Fighting Game With Blood And Gore

Iron Snout is one of the deadly wolf fighting games with blood, so be warned - this funny beat em up game contains cartoon blood, deadly animal fighting and gore from unrealistic piglet vs wolf violence, so it is not suitable for kids, unless you’re teaching your children that knocking enemy heads off during a mortal combat is fine. If fun fighting games with blood is not what you’re looking for, check out my other pig games!

Get ready for deadly combat action in this endless fighting game and prepare to punch your way through hordes of wolves!

Iron Snout beat em up game is also available on Steam:

Play free pig games & try beta version of another endless fighting game (free) called Bacon May Die made by indie gamedev SnoutUp. All games can be played offline without internet connection!

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