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Hardcore Gamer
65 Views 11/24/2021
Can't hold the centre. lol. This game type is class based heroes in a capture and hold format. I wanna like this game. There's a lot to love. Built on the Unreal Engine it's beautiful. Combat is PvP, but since it's beta there's bots on my team. They're not great at their jobs. The classes are okay. The Wookie tank is brutal but the red light saber wielder is kinda OP. Healer is okay but way too squishy.
8 Views 03/28/2022
Nothing has been mentioned about this game since last year it like the devs forgot about it gameplay was great I don't care if the lobbies are filled with bots just release it before it's to late Nd no one plays it, 2022 is gonna be huge for all mobile games that fact
Played this on Gplay
14 Views 07/14/2022
played this on gplat before, tha game and graphic itself is nice but unlocking character feels hard...i smell future p2w element by having hard to unlock OP character
6 Views 09/18/2021
I hope this game supports my cellphone because my cellphone version is 10, hopefully it will be released then there will be enough GB and devices to download this game
Emperors Reviewers
4 Views 10/03/2021
this game has lots of potential. Everything about this game seems promising and I really hope it won't be a p2w game like swogh.
Jefferson Angarita
11 Views 05/09/2022
it comes out not compatible with Xiaomi let's hope that globally it is compatible with all cel and in play
5 Views 02/19/2021
What is this, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes 2? I hope it doesn't turn out to be p2w just like GoH
5 Views 03/09/2022
Star Wars Hunters is now available in playstore @ early access. But i think it is only in selected countries.
Dale Jedrick Maligaya
5 Views 11/23/2021
it's a good game but the thing is it isn't show up in my play store so it's not incomptible on.my device 🗿
2 Views 02/24/2022
when is release date anyone
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