Screenshot of Sausage Man
Screenshot of Sausage Man
Screenshot of Sausage Man
Screenshot of Sausage Man
Screenshot of Sausage Man
Sausage Man

Sausage Man Global

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Publisher XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Developer So Funny Games
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Drop into the combat zone and engage your foes in competitive, lighthearted battle royale action in Sausage Man! With hilarious customizable sausage combatants, you can go online and play anywhere, anytime, wielding a huge array of weapons as you fight alongside your friends to become top dog.

[Exhilarating Combat with Tactical Firepower]
Sausage Man features a fast-paced and detailed combat system, including realistic bullet physics. Scavenge for powerful firearms and tactical gear, including flare guns, revival tools, tactical shields, and ID card systems to test the strength of you and your friends’ teamwork.

[Mess Around in a Vibrant, Open World]
There’s more to the combat zone than just intense fighting! Screw around in a vibrant game world where you can sing, jump and get into all kinds of hilarious fun with your friends. Put on a life buoy and blast your enemies as you float on the water! Annoy snipers by double jumping with gleeful abandon! Let your imagination run wild and have a ball of a time.

[Be All the Sausage You Can Be]
Express yourself as the coolest Sausage in the room! Customize your appearance with a ridiculous array of costumes that span a variety of themes, such as Koi, Cyberpunk, and French Maid, and emote with cute emoticons and animations. Build your reputation among your fellow Sausages with the unique Party Card system, which keeps track of your appearances, achievements and combat data!

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Unleash Your Battle Skills in Sausage Man and Super Mecha Champions
606 Views 6d
Vihaan Ahire
3 Views 1d
Loading screen stuck problem
Rusher Sausage
The Boys❤️ Subscribe Rusher Sausage in YouTube ❤️✨
110 Views 11/08/2023
ထက်ကို အောင်
No logs please help
47 Views 11/16/2023
I wasn't expecting that last part of the game 🤡💥 [Sausage Man SS9 Solo Gameplay]
1.5K Views 09/16/2023
Trịnh Huyền
🎮 Gameplay: Good
41 Views 11/15/2023
I think we should weaken the quantum sword.This weapon is too strong.
23 Views 11/04/2023
Herzel Castro
6 Views 11/17/2023
How can I get a free candy how to apply to be content creator??
Aleqz Audgam
118 Views 07/25/2023
This is my honest review. The graphics are amazing it is really cute but the graphics are heavy that even my phone cannot handle it (Or I suggest play this game in a high end specs phone). The gameplay is great. I meet some players and playing with them, some of players are kids. Sometimes my teammates are kids so its sure that this round will lose because "some" kids loves to troll and make us lose. And the server, I'm not happy with it. The server it is so lag even though my ping in internet test, its perfectly fine but in the game its so high which makes me cause AFK. I'm from Philippines, my server is Philippines and its very lag I don't know why but I think some of players really experienced this server problem because I see some ratings. And the rest, are good. :)) Please keep improving the game so we can play better and much more fun! 😊😊
105 Views 10/30/2023
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