Screenshot of Dynasty Warriors 9
Screenshot of Dynasty Warriors 9
Screenshot of Dynasty Warriors 9
Screenshot of Dynasty Warriors 9
Screenshot of Dynasty Warriors 9
Screenshot of Dynasty Warriors 9
Screenshot of Dynasty Warriors 9
Screenshot of Dynasty Warriors 9
Screenshot of Dynasty Warriors 9
Screenshot of Dynasty Warriors 9
Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9

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"Shin Sangoku Musou 8" with the concept of "Newborn. Open World Ikki Tousen" is now available as a cloud game!
For the first time in the series, we have adopted an "open world" that expresses the Chinese mainland as a vast map and changes the play development in various ways.
While maintaining the fun of operating the warlords who appear in "Sangokushi" and taking out the exhilarating action of Ikki Tosen, the realization of a high degree of freedom brought about by the "open world" has made it possible to experience a completely new matchless experience.

▼ A new "Musou" drawn in an "open world" ▼
In this work, there are various things such as "main mission" that greatly progresses the story of the era when the operation warlords are active by capturing, "mission" that affects the main mission, "request" from various people, etc. Innumerable missions occur in various places.
The situation changes from moment to moment depending on the player's choice.
Furthermore, even in battles of various sizes that occur in various parts of the continent, various strategies such as "breaking through from the front", "surprise attack from a high place", "infiltrate alone at night" are possible, and the magnificent "Sangokushi" You can enjoy the world of 100 people by playing 100 people.

▼ More refreshing and more versatile! Renewed "Musou Action" ▼
This work is equipped with a new action "State Combo System" that allows you to move around freely according to the surrounding conditions, while maintaining the easy operation unique to the "Musou" series.
It is composed mainly of three, "flow attack" that changes according to the state of the enemy, "react attack" that changes depending on the situation between the player and the enemy, and "trigger attack" that changes the state of the enemy, and is the best in the series. You can experience the level of "Ikki Tousen's exhilaration".
In addition, we have adopted "interactive actions" that enable you to take actions according to the terrain and environment. In addition to climbing mountains and swimming across rivers, there are various options depending on the situation, such as "climbing a wall with a grappling hook" and "exploding an oil jar with a fire arrow to attack an enemy". The choice of actions expands the range of strategies.

▼ The world of "Sangokushi" woven by "many warlords" ▼
A total of 94 Musou warlords have appeared, including the Wu warlord "Cheng Pu" who supported the third generation of the Son family, and the Shuso warrior who is known for his extraordinary strength and speed. .. You can enjoy the world of "Sangokushi" woven by many military commanders.

■ [Wi-Fi recommended] This application always generates streaming communication of 12Mbps or more. The app may not work properly in an environment where communication is unstable. Please use a stable broadband line in consideration of the large amount of communication.
■ We have prepared a 30-minute trial play so that you can check the operation of the supported OS and Wi-Fi environment.
Before purchasing, please check the operation by trial play (save is not possible).
After 30 minutes of trial play, you need to purchase the usage right to use it.
■ Notes on quitting the app: The app will quit in the following situations.
・ 30 seconds or more have passed in the background
・ No operation continues for 3 hours
・ Maximum continuous play time (18 hours) reached
・ Insufficient bandwidth on the line used
* It is recommended to save frequently during game play.
■ We cannot accept cancellations or refunds after purchase.
* For details, please see (FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions).
[Supported OS]
Android 5.0 or later (* Some devices do not support it)

[Operation confirmed game pad]
"Xbox wireless controller (Bluetooth compatible model 1708/1904)" *
* Depending on the Android version of your device, the gamepad may not be able to connect.
* Follow the instructions on your smartphone for detailed connection methods.
1. Operation on other than supported OS is not supported.
2. Even if it is a compatible OS, it does not necessarily guarantee the operation on the latest OS.
3. Depending on the Wi-Fi environment you are using (some paid Wi-Fi services), if you cannot play normally, such as when the game video delivered by streaming is cluttered, each Wi-Fi under contract Please contact service customer support.
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