Screenshot of Myth: Gods of Asgard
Screenshot of Myth: Gods of Asgard
Screenshot of Myth: Gods of Asgard
Screenshot of Myth: Gods of Asgard
Screenshot of Myth: Gods of Asgard
Screenshot of Myth: Gods of Asgard
Screenshot of Myth: Gods of Asgard
Myth: Gods of Asgard

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Enter the Norse world and become the Norse Gods' incarnation! Experience the ultimate aestheticization of violence in battles.

Myth: Gods of Asgard is an elaborately developed action RPG based on Norse mythology. By participating in the epic wars and defeating legendary powerful BOSS including Nidhogg, Fenrir, and Jörmungandr, you'll enjoy the ultimate exhilaration of Hack 'n' Slash, fighting against the fate of Ragnarok!


- Hack 'N' Slash with verisimilar slashing sensation and splendid skill effects make each of your battles immortal.
- Your combat talent determines the outcome. The key to winning the BOSS lies in flexible dodge and correct attack timing.
- An identical battle system to PC games will bring you superlative quality at any time at your fingertips.
- Hundreds of challenge maps bring you novel experiences in each expedition


- Nourish the Yggdrasil that connects the Nine Worlds with precious leaves.
- The talent system is as huge as the galaxy, light it up to power up.
- A variety of divine bonds for you to create and each combination generates unimaginable power, thus surging your battle power tremendously.
- The runes that contain wisdom and mystery yield mighty power of different attributes to choose from.
- Search for the ancient supernatural artifact lost in the Nine Worlds to help you conquer the battlefield


- The plots are based on various masterpieces including Eda, Song of the Nibelungen, Beowulf, and the Gospel of Loki, restoring the authentic Norse world vividly.
- Incarnate yourself as the well-known characters such as Valkyrie, Siegfried, Thor, Ullr, and Freya to explore the unknown in this world gradually.
- Turn hundreds of wonderful stories into divine cards and form the strongest power to fight against Ragnarok together!

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If you encounter any problems during the game, please reach us through the in-game customer service center.

▶Support Mail: [email protected]

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Kaan Avcı
I am geting this sceen every time i try to enter pls help me
23 Views 11h
game Nguyen
8 Views 7d
I can't play because the connection is lost even though my network is still healthy
Omar Hatem
13 Views 05/04/2024
the looks great but it's not working any more with me  when i open the game there's a sign to check network
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Uber Fat Badger
Myth: Gods of Asgard Official
Patch Note
2.8K Views 07/17/2023
link 01
68 Views 03/15/2024
It doesn't work for me when I get in
Why can't I play? I'm literally connected on wifi and have enough storage space
195 Views 04/24/2024
231 Views 01/04/2024
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another Pay to Win game but... play or pass
660 Views 12/08/2023
Total Size 828 MB, Idle RPG action adventure with the theme of Greek mythological gods (sorry if this is wrong). ---------⚠️⚠️⚠️WARNING ⚠️⚠️⚠️------------ This game is one of the pay to win games. ---------⚠️⚠️⚠️ WARNING⚠️⚠️⚠️----------- 👍 Pros: This game has benefits for new players. 👍 Pros: The hero obtained with the first top up also has a trial mode, so that players find out their abilities and get items after completing them. I think this is a good sales strategy.
327 Views 11/28/2023
Game is fun but fully pay to win so be careful.
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