Screenshot of Guardian Tales
Screenshot of Guardian Tales
Screenshot of Guardian Tales
Screenshot of Guardian Tales
Screenshot of Guardian Tales
Screenshot of Guardian Tales
Screenshot of Guardian Tales
Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales JP

Grand Open
Developer Kong Studio,Inc.
Publisher Yostar Games
Downloads 12,350Followers 9,292

Guardian Tales has players traverse charming, retro-styled levels and dungeons as they complete their epic quest. To help them, players recruit various helpful characters to assist them during combat, find new items and upgrade their characters to make them more powerful. But power alone won’t be enough, via puzzles and other mechanics players will have to use their wits to overcome these challenges.

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TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
Guardian Tales (JP) Special PV
410 Views 2021/9/27
18 Views 2021/10/7
Already have it on global but wanted a fresh start, plus the art design for JP looks so cute and has a more anime style! 10/10 would recommend to friends and family! Also to the ppl who are leaving criticism comments on Guardian Tales, if u don't like the game then find a different game to play! 😠
5 Views 2022/2/26
ohh boyy here we go again mono dirt destroying the game again and devs wont do jackk shiet and its gonna be another problem like Global.
Sussy Knight
5 Views 2022/1/20
The question is, where will be the new update be released? Game is practically inactive or idk. But the artwork is nice and the enjoyment of Guardian Tales itself is raw and enjoyable.
14 Views 2021/10/30
I can't believe this thing reached 9.6 rating :) Gacha rate sucks, awful charater art and boring gameplay stamina recovery time way too long waste of time for this
Chandra Andhika
12 Views 2021/11/4
This game have just the right and perfect gameplay and story to be the most addictive game that ever existed on mobil (and I'm not exxagerating it). That's quick explanation are just the right way to me supposedly give this game a perfect five star. But, apparently, only in Japanese version on this game I have to rating it below perfect score. And the reasons why is none other that because it is i
Rafeal Anthony
4 Views 2021/12/6
I can't speak Japanese yet so I will study high to be able to read it someday I want to take the Japanese version of the test from global to Japanese 👍
Arjun Karthikeyan
3 Views 2021/12/27
Amazing artwork and really looking forward to when the rest of the game releases
Impulse Project
14 Views 2021/10/30
BEST GAME EVER. Storyline broke my mind. Side quests broke my heart. Can't wait to see more. Gameplay is just too good. Lots of fun. Tons of easter eggs. You shouldn't live in the game if you have a real life, stamina recovery system will take care of this part. No adds. No autopath. No autoplay. Noautobringmemycoffee etc. Best regards!
Hardcore Gamer
2 Views 2021/10/8
i like how they make jp fully dubbed on main story other than just text
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