Soccer Manager 2022- FIFPRO Licensed Football Game

Soccer Manager 2022- FIFPRO Licensed Football Game

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6 days ago

User124169003 : Mine too. Did you find the fix??
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As a fan of FM for over ten years, the Soccer Manager 2022 is a great job. Of course, he didn't provide the experience FM gave me (After all, FM has been making football managers for 25 years.). But As a game on a mobile platform, he did well enough. ps: I’m not sure why choosing Arteta as a spokesman? Who would be a manager like Arteta?
First, Let we talk about the tactic. Whether the tactics in real life can be copied in the game is a key criterion to judge a football manager game. So I choose Liverpool to test whether I can apply the Gegenpressing in the Soccer Manager. It worked pretty well. The formation is 433. The Firminno play the deep-lying forward, and Mane, Salah would play wide forward beside him. Firminno would come back deep to get the ball. Then the Mane, Salah would enter the penalty area and try to create opportunity. Then Roberson and Arnold played as Wing back, they would push forward deeper and focus on assisting Mane, Salah. The Fabihiho, Thiago, Henderson take the midfield. They all have a high work rate. It’s easier for the team to take the ball back for a counterattack. And I set the defensive line much higher. Just like reality.
As a result, Arnold’s defense is so poor, my GA all come from my right flank. And top soccers are Mane, Salah, the tempo is higher. Most goals come from counterattacks.
The action of the game characters is smooth, and the overall feeling is good. Some details are done well enough. If you want to say that the disadvantage is that the UI is ugly.


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