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Doing Parkour at the End of the World - Super Storm Review
18K Views 07/03/2022
Hardcore Gamer
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*Note: The game has crashed for no reason when I start it, just start again then I sucessfully get into the game. *Language: English, Chinese, Deutsche, Japanese, Korean, Franch and more *Network: Unnecessary *Login restriction: No ------------- + Support Ultra quality graphic + A lot of maps + No air wall - Only single-player mode - Can't watch AD (Bug?) ------------- This is a first-person parkour game with epic soundtrack and dangerous traps. The environment and atmosphere of each map is excellent in details.
37 Views 10/29/2021
My gosh, this parkour game is amazing! It may not have the highest graphics quality, but the game is very smooth. The most striking thing is how exciting it feels to play it, with its heavy metal BGM and all the flames, monsters and other hellish scenes. Even though it‘s a first-person game, you can freely turn the perspective, there is no fixed route, you can run around, and there is no time limit, plus a level with multiple checkpoints, so anyone can enjoy it.
18 Views 11/04/2021
Cool running game to play and relax But, somehow the game felt "incomplete"..i hope they added features like this below : 1. FOV settings. 2. An Arrow (or atleast a pointer) for player to know where they going. 3. Add Roll animation after dropping from certain height. 4. After the player finishes a level, put "next level" button rather than "play again" instead. Overall cool game!!
2 Views 09/07/2022
it's pretty cool just how it's enjoyable just gets you hook on playing for hour on end 🤠🙂
Orelinha Orelinha
49 Views 08/10/2022
game good
Jenn Wood
great game not your typical running game controls are a little sloppy. But still like it!
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20 Views 10/28/2021
just play one of the best game not too hard or easy balanced game
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9 Views 11/29/2021
Very nice game the graphics are great but please add a slide so when you press crouch button while running you will sliding that would be cool and useful
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