Screenshot of Sunken Century (Early Access)
Screenshot of Sunken Century (Early Access)
Screenshot of Sunken Century (Early Access)
Screenshot of Sunken Century (Early Access)
Screenshot of Sunken Century (Early Access)
Screenshot of Sunken Century (Early Access)
Sunken Century (Early Access)

Sunken Century (Early Access)

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Sunken Century is a creative battle royale mobile game. In this fictional parallel universe in the medieval ages, you can go anywhere you like in an airship. Experience combat with cold or hot weapons on land; set sail and fire shells in a warship; mount a horse to enjoy the scenery or take a ship to explore the mysterious waters; search for supplies to upgrade your ship and firearms, etc. You can just make your strategies based upon your liking. Join the open gunfight or wait till others die? Be a lone ranger or be a team cooperator? No matter what you take, your target is to be the last one standing on the battlefield.

--Join Thrilling Battle on Sea-Land Field--
You can try different battlefields on sea or on land. Choose from multiple tactics and strategies to compete with hundreds of players.

--Fire Shells and Explore the Blue Water--
Multiple warships await you! You can have an arsenal warship with high damage, a fast assault ship that deals explosive damage, an armored ship playing a guardian role in the team, a scout ship carrying out reconnaissance, or a guerrilla ship to harass enemies. Just come and build your special warship!

--Try Different Combinations of Cold&Hot Weapons and Armors--
Sunken Century contains abundant weapons and armors. You can either use a dagger in a Cloak of Invisibility, wield a scepter in a mage robe, wave a heavy sword in knight armor, or shoot arrows in shooter wear. There are more weapons like axe, crossbow, hammer, and sniper rifle. Just exert your imagination to create more combinations of weapons and armors!

--Collect Building Resources against Time--
Search for timber, metal, and cloth to build and upgrade your warships, armaments, and gears. With the Dark Tide chasing behind, are you ready to race against the clock?

--Win Matches with Wise Teamwork and Tactics--
Choose your strategy and combine gears, warships, weapons, and accessories wisely. You can have more combinations by teaming up with your friends. So, don’t hesitate to team up and win the game!

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Karina Spellman
3 Views 2021/12/26
The game has a good proposal and different from other games, but they need to optimize and improve ship controls, it's very difficult to control and improve the graphics. The part where we have to use the ship becomes very boring because there are a lot of ships that are very advanced and we die easily, hopefully in the next beta the developers make a better game.
Hardcore Gamer
1 View 2021/12/17
Intresting idea looting crafting, mechanics gameplay is decent, animations are bad, there are 0 players. Graphics is fine controls are little clunky.. game does not feel enjoyable. Good idea bad realisation. Gameplay 4/10 Graphics 8/10 Controls 5/10 Audio 4/10 Game overall 5/10
When I turn it on, it gives me google play and it doesn't come into play need help.
2 Views 2021/12/21
How do you fix the Google play thing, like when you open it it redirectw you to Google play even if you reinstall? The game looks cool and is a new concept if definitely wanna try it
3 Views 2021/12/20
I honestly enjoyed this game, I rarely see these types of games on app stores, and that alone is stupid. Sail on huge ships, glide down with wings and fight with bows, muskets, swords, daggers and flintlocks. This is a very interesting take on the battleroyale genre and the fact that you can upgrade the weapon you're wielding on the go, is fantastic. Instead of finding a better weapon, you can jus
3 Views 2021/12/18
a new(kind of) and interesting take on the BR genre... if i remember from the alpah(CODE SOG) this was pretty interesting game and if you want to try a fresh and new kind of BR experience i would recommend you this
Joker's Den
612 Views 2022/1/21
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