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33 Views 2022/5/15
A classic horror unriddle with challenging puzzles, you play a groom who has to rescue your missing bride in Paper Bride. As you make your way through a mysterious, haunting village, you uncover a darker history and secret behind your soon-to-be bride's old town and family. The dim, daunting artwork and chinese paranormal elementd blended together perfectly. There were a few jump scares but, the t
Hà Mạnh Hào
good game
2 Views 2022/5/12
4 Views 2022/4/24
good game kinda make my brain to work out since it puzzle game and jump scare at that's
Anh Đức
Farhan Julianto
8 Views 2022/1/27
This game is really great, I love the atmosphere, art and music. although i didint feel to be scared by this game, this game give good enough horror to the player, but unfortunately the puzzle involved with the Chinese culture that what i don't understand and i need to wacth the ads to find the clue of what I should do
Hardcore Gamer
First of all, the game looks both creepy and beautiful. The art is just stunning, taking a ton of inspiration from ancient China. And the soundtrack! It just gives the game a creepier feel. Oh, and there are a few jump scares around too. This is a horror puzzle game, and honestly, it's quite challenging. Unfortunately, it's rather Pay-to-win, as players can get hints by forking over cash or watchi
Hardcore Gamer
18 Views 2021/12/20
Paper Bride has you take the role of the groom who intends to unravel the mystery of the paranormal encounters within his bride’s village and save his bride. Story (★★★☆☆) ✔️ Engaging horror narrative that keeps me hooked ✔️ Allusions of topics like the Chinese folklore and superstitions ❌ Translations are rather rough around the edges Gameplay (★★☆☆☆) ✔️ Challenging puzzles ✔️ Inventory function
9 Views 2021/12/26
Creepy jumpscares. Stunning art and an unsettling atmosphere. This a really good spooky puzzle game. I really enjoyed it, plus the translation was really nice too. The only improvement would be to have an ingame notebook or phone with camera function in there. Because I really can't memorize the clues very well and it was a lot of going here and there to put together the clues to open something.
Hardcore Gamer
11 Views 2021/12/18
This is a horror puzzle game with a unique art style. The background music of the game fits the horror mood and makes you feel tense all the time. The game has a great plot with some peculiar customs. This game is also available on Steam. If you find it too difficult, you can refer to other players' strategies from the Internet. You need to be patient enough to play this game, and the ending will
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