Screenshot of Awaken: Chaos Era
Screenshot of Awaken: Chaos Era
Screenshot of Awaken: Chaos Era
Screenshot of Awaken: Chaos Era
Screenshot of Awaken: Chaos Era
Awaken: Chaos Era

Awaken: Chaos Era Global

Provider Century Games Limited
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Enter the mythical world of Awaken, an ancient land held together only by the elements that brought it into existence. Peace is now being torn apart as the former King has disturbed the balance and brought the continent to the brink of destruction. As the constant struggle between light and darkness wages on, It's time to join the battle and awaken your inner hero!

- Game Features:

Collect powerful heroes and assemble the right combination to dismantle your opponent!

Get lost in an immersive story with captivating 3D artwork as your heroes unleash a variety of attack effects and skill animations!

All heroes have unique abilities that can give you an edge over your enemies. When you step onto the battlefield, strategy and skill reign supreme!

Uncover the mysteries of Awaken and explore a narrative storyline filled with hero origins as you follow Evelyn on her journey to find her father and restore peace to the land.

Climb the arena rankings in fast-paced PVP action, crawl through rogue-like dungeons, challenge tough guild bosses, track down wanted heroes to claim bounties, and much more!

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Joker's Den
6.4K Views 2022/1/28
borkono gaming
borkono gaming
Video Star
Awaken Chaos Era - Gameplay, First Impression, Tier list, Rerolls, Codes, & more
843 Views 2022/1/27
The presentation in this game is really nice and a lot better than stuff like AFK Arena IMO. Some ppl reported bugs, but I had none so far. Some gameplay:
27 Views 2022/1/17
Ρяιи¢єѕѕ ∂σℓℓу
Ρяιи¢єѕѕ ∂σℓℓу
82 Views 2022/1/19
This game presents a clear picture of how vile and greedy American companies making online games can be. We've been lied to and misinformed about the game being generous to users with tons of good free and event stuffs, but the music stops as soon as you enter the game and see it for yourself . . . . Asides from the skill animations & graphical aspects, nothing much about the game is praiseworthy nor does it have anything new to offer in the Turn Based RPG market. The devs would go as far as to remove and toss down the negative reviews while keeping the positive ones (by clone accounts) above, fooling people into falling for their trap. Despite the stamina giveaway, you're still eventually going to struggle for it as well as the materials needed to level up and promote your heroes in short time. Story and dungeon mode difficulty rises rapidly as you proceed on and there is no option to skip the hero ultimate skill animation prolonging the battle phases. And as for gacha itself... That's beyond horrible. The drop rate is only 1% and that speaks true for itself. Even Netease's Onmyoji (company I hate) has better drop rates (1.2%) than this dumpster fire of a RPG. Not to mention the gacha resources are also very tough to acquire. The game let's new users make only 5 retries of gacha on the so-called "choose you legendary hero" banner among 7 legendary heroes (NERFED) when it doesn't even guarantee legendary grade on every pull. It's as if the devs deliberately don't want you to have any decent legendary grade hero for a satisfied start of the game. On the other hand, a new Chinese RPG named "The Project : Akasha" at it's initial stage is already being very generous enough to all users, with gacha drop rate being 4.6% .. Everytime I enter that game, I'm being bombarded with tons of freebies. Not just that, even Soul Land and Figure Story has drop rates of 10% and 4% respectively. Heir of Light, Super String and Hero Cantare are also very promising to users of all class. These are the types of companies that actually value their customers' mental satisfaction and want them to continue using their gaming products with a smile. These are the types of companies your money is worth investing on. Mark my words, by the end of this year or the beginning of next year, this game will literally lose more than half of it's users unable to meet their common needs, thus becoming a ghost town RPG where only your message on global chat window will echo around. In short, if you're someone who don't mind stingy RPG and aimed for competition & annihilation (of younger free players in PvP) , then congrats, this might be the perfect game for you ~~
18 Views 2022/1/19
The gameplay is great and the graphics are great as well. But for competitive players, or other players who are planning this game to be their main game (to play all modes), they will be disappointed because the server is not new as it mentioned in their FB page (like few days ago only). On the 'very first day', when the game was released (few days ago) I already have noticed that there are a lot of players with account level 64, they already got all legendary units (keep in mind that the gatcha in this game is very low - 1% only) and top of that, their legendary units already have 2-4 Rainbow stars and their units are level max 60. The good guilds from the very first day they started to recruit players with +30 level accounts only.
11 Views 2022/1/19
Literally one of the worst p2w RPG of modern time. 1% gacha rate? Wtf? And that "select your legendary hero" is a pure lie. You can't select among those and you only get 5 tries of 10x to either any one of them randomly or none at all. This is why I don't play western made online games targeting people's wallets from the get-go. Thank you ruining the beginning of my 2022
Spot Light
12 Views 2022/1/21
Highly recommended for gacha rpg players. F2p friendly unless you're like the others who doesn't know how to play this kind of games and expects that eveything will be served to them without properly playing the game. The game offers plenty of content graphics is top notch and even if it is out early for soft launch, you won't be competing against the soft launch players in arena, instead soft launch assist heroes can help you progress faster in the game. I have played most of the major titles from beta including SW and RSL and I am telling you this one is worthy of your time
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