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5 Views 01/01/2023
Pretty Good that's all.
12 Views 12/13/2022
Its the first level in no mercy from l4d Cool
Lost_ Line
0 Views 11/30/2022
Perfect game
Lucky Dankwa
1 View 11/28/2022
It's ight
2 Views 11/11/2022
its ok, its kinda hard to play
Michael LongNeck
4 Views 11/04/2022
The game itself is great, just need to add peek, bosses, multiplayer LAN and Online it would be much better!
Hardcore Gamer
This is a very exciting shooting offline survival game. I really like this kind of game of surviving carefully in the zombie world. I need to plan my route forward wisely, find supplies and use weapons to eliminate the horrible zombies. Pros + Exquisite picture quality + Smooth controls + Tense and exciting mood + Immersive experience (no levels) + No ads Cons - Camera can get out of control at times
2K Views 02/03/2022
34 Views 02/03/2022
The idea is nice.almost seems like a l4d clone .you even start on a rooftop like l4d ..graphics are almost good (sadly no shadows even on fantastic setting) I would love if finally someone made a real L4D clone for android..Especially an offline one .. The zombies are attacking on sight ..running towards you and making strange noises .. The blood effects are minimal and the there is no progression system of any sorts ..
253 Views 09/28/2022
The game has potential i really like the sound effects i was so scared when the zombie run straight towards me the graphics well its not the bad this game needs to be remastered make this an online multiplayer / lan multiplayer and add more features like more mobility slide button peak button, more zombie models, zombie variants make it more scarier, more guns, put some effort on the backgrounds, a quest / mission like defense mission where you have to survive a zombie horde with heavy guns or vehicle and please fix the joystick / controls i always got stuck cause the joystick not responding quickly.
Hardcore Gamer
253 Views 02/07/2022
It's a zombie survival game where players have a gun, a sidearm, limited ammo, and a horde of zombies to face. It's pretty simple, with no actual storyline, bosses, and missions, just a zen mode of trying to escape a horde of zombies. The gameplay is pretty basic. Players must conserve ammo and medpacks as they are limited, all while facing down zombie after zombie after zombie. Because of this, players must know when to fight of when to run. Survival game indeed.
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