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Clap Bazoka
13 Views 11/02/2022
Drewmarian Stephenson
'Heat Gear - Race & Drift World' review
8 Views 10/23/2022
Tino Supit
12 Views 09/11/2022
Good game
Muhd Ikhwan
8 Views 09/14/2022
The game looks great but add more content
1 View 09/18/2022
527 Views 04/22/2022
(long review) Overall: Definitely worth a try but not enough content Long Review: This is trying to be like the old nfs games such as carbon, and I gotta say, its working for me! The graphics are good enough. Maybe a bit more than enough. Not many cars, but still a few. Has a good open world map. The traffic and scenery makes the map feel full of life unlike other mobile games like this. I played like 10 minutes or so, but didn't see any actual race like me vs others. Just 1v1 or other small activities. Anyway so far, awesome. Definitely worth a try and for sure a hidden gem for mobile racing games genere.
58 Views 02/22/2022
really cool game if you're looking for a NFS Carbon vibe, its simple, a little too simple if I'd say which is why it's getting a 4 star instead of 5, it needs more controls, the gyro controls are sometimes a little off thanks to what I think is a camera positioning related issue, the cops🙈 The cops in this game are one of the most broken elements of this game, they are clipped to you the moment you go over the speed limit or they catch you slipping, there's no shaking them at all, its no fun fix it, I tries using nitrous once and I picked the cop car off the floor as I sped away only to get caught by the baggage I was carrying 😠
14 Views 08/25/2022
It would be nice if you could do something like 9.3 soon.
ColdSniper 47
34 Views 02/16/2022
Well good for the size. It's a play one time and forget about it.
Володимир Манаршек
6 Views 08/17/2022
very bad game
That's everything for now. Start a new game?