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It's surprising me because the gameplay is pretty similar with Another Eden. I heard about OCTOPATH is ported game, so maybe Another Eden which had inspired from OCTOPATH? Yes as I said, if you ever playing Another Eden, you'll not gonna confused with the gameplay. The storylines are fine, I choose to be in Fame tale as my starter story. I thought it will be a fun-comedy tale, but it turns out to be a chaotic tale, this is so good to follow.
4.5K Views 2022/7/28
70+ hours in, and it's a great Turn-Based RPG. Superb music composition, and the battles are
54 Views 2022/8/6
Good Mobile RPG
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Poker face
hello everyone, if you have "region block" problems, try using a vpn, and download all files around 1gb, if you have tried removing the game and reopening it without a vpn, i tried it without problems, btw i use vpn server USA #indonesianplayer🔥🔥
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Skull Eyes
For those who cannot play due to this unreasonable region block.. You can try to use VPN app,. I tried using Thunder VPN and chose the free server there (USA server). It works fine and playable to me atm. But still, Devs should remove this region block or shouldve announce prior notice about it IMO. Hope it works on u guys. Cheers!
727 Views 2022/7/27
So Far So Good.
66 Views 2022/7/30
Graphics and gameplay is nice and smooth, I'm also invested in the stories, adventures, and the characters. Although, it is quite unfortunate to have a limited access for other regions because it disables the opportunity for this game to go big and disables the opportunity for other players to try this game. But I still think the overall gameplay is pleasant. Now for the ones who have region issues. All you need to do is use any VPN that you like (I used Atlas VPN | Dont judge). Then connect to a United States (USA) server. Then download the app and enjoy the experience of a single player game. Thanks for reading.
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For those with region block you can use Kiwi VPN and choose US Central. After logging in and creating account as well as downloading voice over or not, around 1GB. You  can disconnect   your VPN. After that you can close the game and reopen the game without VPN at all in it works as if there is no region lock. But to be honest the game feels little bland for me.
Fur Elise
Region block on a global release
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Looking pretty good at 4/10 rating. Why did the developers/publisher think this is a good idea. Yes, VPN is a thing but alienating your player base discourages them in further to trying your game. Game looks good on videos though. But it's a one out of ten right off the bat if I'm not even allowed to play it.
Кононов Святосл
279 Views 2022/7/27
1. Game is region blocked. Way to advertise your game just not to let anyone play it! 2. Even with USA VPN game crashes on "Loading data" screen. Looks like I am not the only one with this problem. There were no such problems during CBT. How did you f*cked it up? P.S: Game crashes on Android 12 devices.
How to play the game outside of the US region
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