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6 Views 2022/3/17
It's a fairly standard Bullet Hell game with plenty of opponents to fight, as well as plenty of "spells" to cast. To be honest, I actually like this game, as there is indeed some variety to the "spells" a player can cast, and not just the usual spams one can see in many bullet hell games. Controls are also quite easy-to-understand as well, though which spell is which can be a bit confusing. Overall, it's quite a fun bullet hell game. That being said, I felt that this one may not be for those new to the genre, but something some more experienced players might want to try out.
KYK Slider
12 Views 2022/3/15
This game has potential. Devs need to make it online and add a clan feature, party and chat interactive between players. Trust me it would works for long run.
Open Japanese android Gameplay
8 Views 2022/3/12
I wanted an easy-to-understand tutorial. The operation method was difficult to understand. However, the difficulty level with many enemies was very thrilling and interesting.
1 View 2022/3/13
fail to log with Google ,to save progress, so 1 star
0 Views 2022/3/30
I did not like the flux
Nguyễn Nguyên Chánh
0 Views 2022/3/28
good hit
Nhan Minh Sang
game lỗi không thể đăng nhập save data game . đồng nghĩa ai cày game mà điện thoại bị gì là mất tất cả . game mà bạn không save data game đồng nghĩa đó chỉ là game rác chơi phí thời gian . các bạn có thể tiếp tục chơi nhưng khi bị gì thì sẽ không còn gì .
10 Views 2022/4/2
1 View 2022/3/11
cũng ok nhưng kĩ năng hơi ít, các buff thì khá lâu để lấy được chứ không phải qua mỗi màn nhận đc buff như các game io tương tự dẫn đến dễ nản.
0 Views 2022/4/29

0 Views 2022/3/29
best lah game ini👍
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