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37 Views 2022/6/19
Zacker Gamer A
Sword Art Online Variant Showdown - Gameplay CBT Android iOS
51 Views 2022/6/17
My honest hot take
8 Views 2022/6/20
Game is extremely fun I cannot lie. Game has great gameplay, yet it needs a lot more optimizations to feel less rushed. Game has massive loading times between switching to different levels which I have been trying to load one for 5+ mins. Game feels unsmooth a lot of the times especially summoning/recruiting nother characters even though I have done it many times. Of course there will be bugs su
Hardcore Gamer
19 Views 2022/6/17
As part of the first group of the CBT all i can say is the game is pretty fun yes ngl, but there's some issues that I'd like to address first is the interface on the main menu its lagging like crazy, second the battle when tapping a teammate and use switch the game won't respond to my tap, my phone is above the requirements but it's still lagging in the interface and battles especially switch and
Anime Zedox
Game optimisation
1 View 3 days ago
Game is good and all but it has many problems, it needs optimisation, game is laggy and takes too much time in loading and then there are errors like screen is stuck but game is processing
11 Views 2022/6/17
Same SAO, Same generic Bandai Mobage
7 Views 2022/6/20
Thats yours average Bandai mobage Gacha. Gameplay is very simple there's not even satisfaction in playing since all you do is level through GACHA and spam your buttons without any futher strategy. Really boring. And this is beta but this game is so POOR optimized omg, settings are horrible too, only resolution setting and MENU DOESN'T GET AFFECTED by this settings with means you have to do a
Ian Jace
7 days ago
no gameplay trailer which is very sus. Hope it's combat would not be as stiff as sao integral's combat
gavin pinto
1 View 2022/6/18
I was expecting something much more from this game as compared to sao black swordsman but its not worth it. Disappointed again.
well not bad, but i get bug on screen while im done skill the camera is zoom out and this very
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