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57 Views 07/17/2022
Too many servers like devs so easily make new one making old server dead quickly. So many buttons and pop up ads. Also, I just hate to manually login to my account everytime open this game. Like wtf. The eyou assistant button is always there even after hide it and few minutes again will show up. The character customization is kinda suck. You can change hair, outfit, facial expression, weapon but still limited option. Auto combat system is exist like other mobile game so not really bother that much. I just can not stand with the login account mechanics. There are so many guilds who kick you out if you not login daily even when you give guild contribution kinda suck and make me quit for good. It is not fun game.
1 View 03/31/2022
Pretty good blue-ray quality graphics(if you turn it up to the highest), and I like that there's voice-over for everything, however weird they sound. Downsides: auto gameplay, limited customization and wonky battle system.
16 Views 04/14/2022
kinda nice kinda not .auto Play makes the game worse. Autoplaying can solo the entire game. no mission marker. nothing that amazing.
6 Views 04/03/2022
good game but paytowin
4 Views 04/04/2022
If you ever played other games from the same dev (eyou) you know what's coming.
Astra Wen
20 Views 05/26/2022
It's an easy going game and the story line is good too. Not very intense but very organized. This is exactly my taste<
Open Japanese Gameplay TapTap
0 Views 03/30/2022
Japanese style MMORPG is wonderful. I enjoyed the adventure with very beautiful graphics. And it's cool.
Grumpy Old Man
2 Views 04/03/2022
As many other similar games the only different thing is that some mobs/bosses are unique. other than that its P2W.
Aryan Chaudhary
0 Views 04/03/2022
34 Views 04/04/2022
auto quest mmo/2015 graphics/nothing unique/not openworld
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