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Honor of Kings

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Publisher Level Infinite
Developer TiMi Studio Group
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Level Infinite has great news! They will be rolling out Honor of Kings by TiMi Studio Group to you global gamers by the end of this year!

Rounds of closed beta tests will be gradually announced starting in July.

Please be patient and stay tuned for more updates!

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Sami Rahman
25 Views 10/19/2023
So this going to be pre register forever eh? They didn't even upload any photo, I've been seeing this logo for 2 years already -_-
86 Views 09/02/2023
The game is good... but unfortunately the servers in Asia are not yet open
46 Views 06/30/2023
this game is not a mlbb clone because this game was made first, believe it or not this game is way faster than mlbb and characters are not tanky in this game because there is just a lot of damage in the game.
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40 Views 12/22/2022
129 Views 06/04/2023
Over 1 year waiting... and still not release yet. Why ?? when this game will release global ? at least, Asia.
'Honor of Kings' review
115 Views 05/02/2023
Well of course I love this. I've been playing king of glory for so long in cn server and I'm always complaining about the absymal ping because its in cn lol. Now I played in brasil server and its much more better now. Couldnt wait for the skins and all the beautiful effects to be release in global!
19 Views 03/13/2023
I've seen streamers playing this game and ever since seeing it the first time, I want to try and play it. I played a lot of moba games including mobile ones.
Need to add this and player will follow in your way 🇲🇲
245 Views 01/13/2023
I play this game since china version but not my original account I love gameplay, graphics,heroes, play style, is much better in android moba game I live in Myanmar u need to add Burmese language, national hero  and invite Myanmar pro player for tournament or something (best mobile legends pro player Burmese ghoul,Ai,Falcon esport,etc)If u add these things in your games Myanmar player will play your game( Mobile legends did the same things to play their game in Myanmar) sponser Myanmar pro player and play friendly match with china ; )
Kael M
11 Views 02/12/2023
The best game
9 Views 01/29/2023
philliphines is waiting to ds to be available 👍👍👍
That's everything for now. Start a new game?