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Hardcore Gamer
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As part of the first group of the CBT all i can say is the game is pretty fun yes ngl, but there's some issues that I'd like to address first is the interface on the main menu its lagging like crazy, second the battle when tapping a teammate and use switch the game won't respond to my tap, my phone is above the requirements but it's still lagging in the interface and battles especially switch and
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The advantages of this game in terms of good graphics, easy character control system. And for the gacha system, I think it s balanced (probably because of CBT), for the Ability card it s pretty good and easy to understand. The system UI is also good. the drawback of this game, in the use of animation skills there is a camera movement point ing out of the battle area which can interfere with the v
Hi, to all who cant Play it its probably because you didnt get into the cbt, which you had to signup
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other than that, i cant really rate it since it lags so much, especially they camera in battle. You literally cant see yourself, or even the enemies, the cam is constantly zooming in and Out and whatsoever. Plus the fact that the Heroes are already leveled as soon as you get them, which means that you oneshot all the enemies in the cbt Storymode, which ist Just some Variation of different Monster
Needs to be improved a lot, be smooth and engaging if it wanta to be relevant.
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Great game needs some improvements
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Adyanta Dubey
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the game is pretty good and if you put down graphics to 2 the lag also comes down a bit but since it's a beta i won't say it's perfect, the lag needs to be fixed. The concept and creativity is great but you will only succeed in doing it justice by increasing the game performance. It's the only issue but it's a major one so I hope it will be sorted by the time this game gets released
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To be honest, I thought this game will be better. The camera after you kill an enemy, truns like a beyblade It would be better if it turn slower, the graphics is above average, the fighting mechanism is kinda boring
Ken Jutt
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download not working how to fix?
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