Screenshot of Kinja Run
Screenshot of Kinja Run
Screenshot of Kinja Run
Screenshot of Kinja Run
Screenshot of Kinja Run
Screenshot of Kinja Run
Screenshot of Kinja Run
Screenshot of Kinja Run
Screenshot of Kinja Run
Screenshot of Kinja Run
Kinja Run

Kinja Run

Provider Habby
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A brave Ninja cat, running into a path full of monsters!
The world’s first runner and shoot-em-up! Run and dodge missiles!

- Run and Auto Battle
- No extra controls
- Easy to play, hard to master
- Roguelike Runner
- Shoot-em-up
- RPG Progression

Contact Us:[email protected]
Facebook:@Kinja Run

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28 Views 08/29/2022
this Game is nice but there is a los of things to improve. Maybe some different modes and ways to gain objects will improve the game. There's still some bugs with the moving platforms and sometimes it gets too hard to play and  sometimes you just beat the level extremely easy. This game has a lot of potential but like I said, there is not much thing to do.
'Kinja Run' review
70 Views 11/16/2022
Okay so to start I wanna say this game isn’t made poorly. It’s a very well made game, with good controls and fine enough gameplay, but it isn’t anything like what I expected. When I first saw this game the pictures in the store gave me the impression that this was gonna be like temple run, or subway surfer, but with combat which I thought was a great idea, and the tutorial further solidified that impression… but theeeeeeeen the actual game started and it’s nothing like that at all. Don’t get me wrong the game LOOKS like the pictures in the store but it doesn’t play like how you’d expect it to. This game feels and looks like a carbon copy of Archero (if you know what that game is) except you’re constantly running and there are like, a couple obstacles thrown in. Like I said, it’s a well made game but it’s just not for me.
M Crimson
Challenging GAME
8 Views 2d
Very challenging game although it keep my head spin lol anyway the game  so fun & require a lot of time leveling, upgrade etc. If you are f2p.
Drip Commander
I thinks it's a fun time passer. It's like Archero but running (same dev)! Overall pretty solid casual but tense game. It has potential but it lags when there's so many particles in the later levels. Plus the power is scaling is ridiculous, the enemies scale with you which I have no idea why and it makes upgrading pointless. Other than that the overall gameplay is fun, the level designs are good they just need more variety. For me it's a solid 3/5.
184 Views 11/15/2022
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