Screenshot of Project: Island
Screenshot of Project: Island
Screenshot of Project: Island
Screenshot of Project: Island
Project: Island

Project: Island

ผู้ให้บริการ Island Games
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In the future, with the melting of the polar ice caps, the continents are gradually submerged by the ocean and separated into various islands.
The survivors must get adapted to this new world: Islands World

Drifting on the ocean in an escape raft, you wash ashore on a desolate island, and in order to stay alive, you begin your journey of survival on this island.

Gather berries to stuff your starving belly.

Collect sticks and stones to craft the most primitive stone axe.

Kill the attacking boar and preserve its meat as food for the next two days.

It's getting dark, so hurry up and fell a few trees to make planks and build your first shelter. Anyway, survive the long night first.

The following day, you roam all over the island, only to collect some basic survival materials.
Standing on the beach, seeing other deserted islands faintly in the distance, you decide to set sail and try your luck.
There may be other survivors out there, yet will you live in peace or hurt each other?

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